I have been working so hard to get in shape. Exercising, eating right; they go hand in hand and together they are certainly helping me reach specific goals I have set for myself. Is it easy. No. Do I always “want” to do it? No. But I do and stay positive. Taking it day by day has really helped me to keep things in perspective keep moving forward. Along with all this exercise has come a lot of sore, achy and tight muscles. I stretch daily and am constantly trying to keep my muscles from getting too tense. I have recently discovered the Restore Muscle Therapy Foam Roller 18″ from GAIAM and it is my new BFF! Seriously, I don’t know what I did without it in my life!

Providing Products, resources, & inspiration for a healthy mind, body, home & planet.Treat your muscles to a deep massage with our Restore Muscle Therapy Foam Roller. It gently releases built-up tension and loosens stiff muscles while elongating and aligning the spine. The included 15-minute DVD teaches you gentle roller exercise routines to help relieve stress and tightness, increase circulation, and self-massage trouble trigger points. Made in the USA. ~GAIAMI was so excited to get the Restore Muscle Therapy Foam Roller from GAIAM. A few fitness gurus I follow online are always singing their praises so I was really anxious to try it out and see how well it worked. I have really tight muscles, especially in my back so I am always trying to find different ways to stretch them out. The Restore Muscle Therapy Foam Roller has been perfect for this as it gently massages the spine and using the routines on the included DVD, I have been able to really get a great massage. The routines on the DVD aim to help relieve stress and tightness, increase circulation and self massage trigger points. I can tell that by using the GAIAM foam roller I have increases my flexibility and have definitely lessened my soreness post workout. It is a little awkward to figure out at first, but the DVD helps and the more that I use it the more natural it feels. I love that I am able to really massage and apply pressure to hard to reach areas without asking anyone to rub my back or  The Restore Muscle Therapy Foam Roller is so affordable and a must have if you have sore and tight muscles from exercise or just daily life. Spending a few minutes each day to keep yourself well is so important and I am seeing this more and more everyday.


  • 18″ Foam Roller
  • Muscle Therapy DVD with fitness instructor James D’Silva
  • You can purchase the GAIAM Restore Muscle Therapy Foam Roller online!
  • The Restore Muscle Therapy Foam Roller from Gaiam is Real Mom Recommended!

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