78 Lay Straight

When I was in high school I could blow my hair dry and it was nice and straight.  Thank goodness because I didn’t know what a flat iron was back them.  In fact, I don’t know if any of my friends knew what a flat iron was.  ha ha  (Behind the trend or was it not cool then?)  Then, I think it was after I graduated, I got this great idea to get a perm.  It was just going to be something that gave me some body but it was a lot tighter than just a wave perm.  It was a spiral.  Don’t ask.  Needless to say when my perm had grown out I cut 13″ off of my hair to donate to Lock of Love.  At that time I noticed that somehow my hair became naturally curly.  I don’t know if it was from the perm or a change of hormones.  Any way, long story short, I can no longer just blow my hair dry and go.  It was way too frizzy thanks to the really cool natural curl that all naturally straight haired girls wish they had.Thank goodness I discovered a flat iron years ago or there could be a good chance I would still be single.  A flat iron will change your life.  Not only can you straighten you hair to make it look sleek and sexy but you can curl your hair to make is look luscious and lovely.
I have owned my fair share of flat irons…some good and some bad…but now I own one that is AWESOME!  BeautyStopOnline.com sent me the HAI Classic Convertible Ceramic Flat Iron in a 1 1/4″ size.  I have only owned one larger than this once…my first one and it was like a 4″ wide one. HUGE!  I have recently been using a 3/4″ flat iron so I was excited to try a slightly larger one.  Size matters in the case of flat irons.  If your hair is long and thick you want a larger plate flat iron or you will be flat ironing for days!  Thin, fine, short or medium hair works best with a smaller plate.  Also a smaller plate will allow you to curl or put wave in your hair where it is harder to do with a larger one.  A 1 1/4″ flat iron is super versatile!

This flat iron’s plates are 3 1/2″ long.  Between the length and the width my thick, fine hair is done in a snap.  The temperature can be adjusted up to 390 degrees and gets hot in 25 seconds.  With this little beauty you can do your hair straight, curly, or flipped.  The nano tourmaline infused ceramic plates will create a smooth, glossy, and beautiful finish to whichever style you choose.  “The far infrared heat emits negative ions that seals the cuticle to lock in essential moisture.”  It doesn’t matter how beautiful your hair do is, if your hair is dry and brittle it won’t look good.  Another thing I really like about this flat iron is that it gets my hair straight in one pass…instead of 3-5 like my last flat iron.The edges of the flat iron are beveled so you don’t get any creasing your curls.  With a 8′ long swivel power cord you are sure to enjoy curling your hair instead of constantly untangling your cord.This flat iron is currently selling for $95.99.  I know that may sound steep but I promise you if you buy the $30 from big box stores you will never be happy with your results.  Even when I bought one for $60 from the beauty supply store I was just pleased.  Now I am thrilled and this one is going to last a lot longer than the other 10 I have had.  You get what you pay for.
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