Create your Unique Style with Rings of Your Choice!

Fashionistas out there! You want to create new looks each and every day! Stay ahead of your peers and even teach them a thing or two about fashion. But, sometimes you are looking at the whole shebang! Just one or two things in your fashion ensemble can work wonders. Your accessories are one of those aspects. Adding fashionable accessories to your ensemble may not be enough. What matters more is how you carry them!

Did you know that just a few changes in the way you wear the rings can affect your whole ensemble? Now people are turning to various kinds of rings. What kinds? We mean from the design to metal! For example, something as unconventional as the Damascus steel rings has caught on like wildfire! Your fingers are bound to catch everyone’s attention when you add a little magic to them.

What Are the Unorthodox Metal Choices for Rings?

As mentioned before, the rings can be a crucial part of your fashion statement. If you prefer to go out of the box, then here are some ideas how

Palladium: Many can confuse it with white gold and silver. These can be safely worn by people with hypersensitive skin, as the metal is hypoallergenic.

Damascus steel: Stores like Perkin have not one Damascus steel ring, but a whole collection. The method of forging the metal is unique, giving the metal (and rings) a fabulous pattern.

Titanium: This metal is known for its durability and cracks resistance, making it a popular choice for everyday rings.

Tungsten: This bulb filament metal is a surprisingly good metal for rings. It stays shiny for a long time and is quite durable.These are just some of the metals! Talk to the experts, and they will have a better understanding of the alternate metals. Now, back to the fashion tips for the fashionistas.

What are the Fashionable Looks that you can create with Rings?

Rings look amazing! If you can style them intelligently, you will be able to create styles that are unique. Who doesn’t want that? It is, perhaps, every fashionista’s dream! Here are a few styles that you can create with various kinds of rings:

Minimalist Look: The casual outfits have gained popularity in everyday wear. This does not mean that you give up on style. You will have to set yourself apart from everybody! The minimalist ring collection encompasses the rings that are thin and sleek. If needed add rings to three fingers in one hand and one finger on the other. This look is suitable for people with slender fingers.

Bold Statement Look: Big rings look awesome if you know how to wear them. This look exudes certain confidence in the wearer. So, it is bound to get you top accolades. A simple tee and jeans can be the best apparel combination for big rings. Let the attention fall on the rings and not the clothes.

Stackable rings Look: You can either go the traditional route or take a personalized route. Look around, and you will find a set of rings that form the stackable ring pack. These are pre-matched set of rings. The chances are that you will find someone else wearing the same set of rings. So, why not try to show the world your fashion sense. Find rings and form your own stackable ring set. You could even combine rings of different metal, like some palladium rings and some made of Damascus steel. Let the fashionista in you fly free!

Boho Look: Bold rings with detailed engravings can be an amazing way to create the Boho look. Throw in some Damascus steel rings. These have unique wavy patterns that can form an innovative part of the Boho look and match perfectly with the bolder rings!

Cocktail Rings for Glamorous looks: Who said that only dainty rings could be glamorous? Gone are the days when small design was considered glamorous. Now, larger cocktail rings have joined the glamour league. Wear them with party clothes or gorgeous dresses. The cocktail rings are sure to give you a chic look.

There are so many types of rings that you must find it hard to mix and match to create the perfect looks! What you need to do is take a step back and assess the choices at hand! Do not wear a single kind of ring each day. Mix it up. If a certain ring holds some special memory or is your wedding ring, match it with some other rings each day. Just remember that you are the fashionista! Create your style statement and do not let the fashion police dictate it for you. Add some pizzazz and teach them a thing or two about style!

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