WIN All Better {Earring Doctor #Review & #Giveaway}

Every since I was a little girl I have been allergic to nickle.  If I wear earrings with nickle in them the hole become completely red, crusty, and even sometimes puss filled.  Gross huh!?  It doesn’t stop there.  If I wore a bracelet or a ring with nickle in it the skin that the metal rubbed against became red, bumpy, and itchy.  Sometimes it would even crack and bleed. So, you say, don’t wear nickel.  Well that is a simple solution but can also be an expensive one.  Cheap jewelry is often made with nickle.  My mom had a had time justifying spending a lot of money on a kids jewelry and I didn’t want to blow all my allowance on a pair of earrings.  So I either didn’t wear jewelry or I just sucked it up and wore it.  If I wore it I knew I had to really clean my skin with cleaner (like the kind you get when you originally get a piercing) and I understood that I couldn’t wear jewelry the following day.

If only I has known about Earring Doctor 20 years ago!

During his 30 years in the jewelry industry Ira Carlin, aka the Earring Doctor, discovered a multitude of earring problems. “Since the 1980s [Ira’s] mission has been to not only provide quality products that solve problems, but to supply you with your everyday hard to find ‘basics’ for simply wearing your earrings comfortably all day, while making them look good.”

One of the many products Earring Doctor carries is Reaction Block.  Reaction Block is designed to “provide a hypoallergenic shield insulating your skin from metal irritation.”  It other words, Reaction Block makes it so if you are allergic to metals (like me) you can wear any jewelry.  Simply brush the coating on your jewelry or any metal touching your skin.  Any metal touching your skin?  Well believe it or not some people, me included, can even be allergic to the top button on jeans!  (Isn’t that the craziest thing!?)

Use Reaction Block on:

*Earring posts, clips, and backclasps
*Watches, buckles and case backs
*Chains and clasps
*Eyeglasses (metal frames)

I decided to put this to the test.  I ran right out and bought a cheap pair of earrings from Forever XXI, a pair that I knew I could never wear more than two days in a row.  In fact if I wore them my ears would itch by the end of the night.  I put the reaction block on the earring post and wore the earrings all day.  The next day I wore them again.  Then the next.  After three days of wearing them I didn’t have any reaction to the metal.  Works like a charm!

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