City Cosmetics

Skin care is incredibly important. My mom may not have had a lot of knowledge regarding make up application {believe me, I was on my own to figure that out}, but she has always told me since I was a teen to moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! That is probably one of the top beauty tips I would give any woman; young or old. The best thing you can do for your skin is to keep it hydrated, especially on your face and neck. Once you find a good moisturizer live it, love it, and apply it liberally. I recently found a cosmetic company that really got me excited. City Cosmetics has an entire skin care line dedicated to giving women natural products to enhance their natural beauty at any age.City Cosmetics is a skincare line committed to producing the finest beauty and cosmetic solutions made with exclusive formulas and exceptional patented ingredients. We focus on all natural, luxurious youth renewal skin care with jaw dropping results that work as both maintenance products and alternatives to plastic surgery. We are committed to cruelty-free beauty and never test our products on animals. ~City Cosmetics

I feel incredibly fortunate to have been given the opportunity to partner with City Cosmetics and experience three of their fabulous products. I was sent the Pore Minimizer Primer, Complexion Perfecting Cream, and the City Lips in Orchid. When the products arrived I was immediately impressed with the design and quality of the packaging as well as the product containers. Everything looks really nice and you can tell it’s top notch make up immediately! Each one of these products has proven to be fantastic over the past few weeks of use and I am so excited to share them with y’all! The Complexion Perfecting Cream has become a must have in my beauty routine. Not only does it even out skin tone, but also hydrates the skin. I use it every night before bed and every morning I feel like my skin has a gorgeous, healthy glow. The Complexion Perfecting Cream is perfect for all skin types. It is a light cream, not sticky or oily at all, with a hint of a lovely floral scent. The Pore Minimizing Primer is also a new staple that I am going to need to have included in my daily routine from now on.This unique and all natural formula works to shrink the appearance of pores and fine lines creating a gorgeous smooth look alone or an awesome base for make up application. Unlike other pore minimizers on the market, City Cosmetics Pore Minimizing Cream works to tighten pores giving you great results over time, not a temporary fill in. There is no other way to describe the Pore Minimizing Cream than it is a fabulous silky, smooth layer that glides on your skin. It really creates a perfect surface for your make up. The City Lips are the perfect touch to any look. As subtle as my make up can be {some days I don’t wear anything but the Complexion Perfecting Cream}, I am a Lip color fan. I always have a lipstick or lip gloss on hand to polish off any look. The City Lips in Orchid gives your lips a gorgeous, translucent shimmer in a light orchid color. The City Lips are designed to plump your lips giving you a fuller and more smooth look within minutes of application.

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