Color That Lasts! {Color Me Monthly #Review}

Now that summer is here it is time to show off your toes!  For some, toenails are a forgotten about thing in the winter time.  So pull out your toes, clean up your nails, buff down your heels, and slap a pretty color on those toes!  Color Me Monthly is a great place to help you find the most on trend colors…I should know!  They sent me a few colors to check out.Color Me Monthly was founded by two sisters, Meghann and Caitlin.  They provides environmentally responsible products with the focus on delivering quality ingredients rather than flashy marketing.  Their products are safe, affordable, and fun!


Color Me Monthly is a subscription service where each month you get a new nail polish color delivered right to your door!  For just $7/month, $40/6 months, or $75/year you will be showing your nails off with the latest, trendiest, and prettiest nail polish around.  Cancel whenever you want for whatever reason! Color Me Monthly sent me April and May’s boxes.  WOO-WE!  Those colors are b-e-a-utiful!  April’s color is Clear Skies Ahead and May’s color is Monday. Clear Skies Ahead is this gorgeous sky blue color and Monday is this fun goldish, silverish, bronzy color.  I know that may be a funny way to describe a color but that is what it is.  In some lights it looks more silver while in other lights more gold but yet it has a bronze tone too.

I always put my nail polish to the 5 day test to see if it is any good.  I don’t put a clear coat on the top during the test because I want to test the nail polish and not the clear coat.  Here is how Color Me Monthly compares to the $5 name brand nail polish I bought at Sally’s Beauty Supply.I will let the pictures speak for themselves.  Wouldn’t your rather your nails look almost like day 1 after a week than look like you haven’t done anything to your nails in a long time?  Remember, I didn’t use a clear top coat!  It could last even longer!!  I would rather spend just $2 more and not have to repaint and repaint and touch up and touch up.  I am lucky to get my nails done and dry before my son needs me so I have to make the best of my at-home manicure.

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