Drop And Snap

One of my favorite movies is Legally Blonde.  It has so many funny lines in it.  One of my favorites is, “Bend and Snap! Works like a charm!” What if we could bend and snap other things in our life?  Think about it. Bend down to get the diet coke out of the fridge and snap! the can is open.  Bend down to pull start the lawn mower and snap! it starts the first time.  Bend and snap could be a wonderful thing if applied to other parts of our life. But what about DROP and SNAP?!  What if your child dropped their pacifier and it snapped shut to keep it clean? Unlike bend and snap, drop and snap is real! creates innovative baby products that are smarter, safer, and more effective. Started in 1999 by two sisters, RaZbaby began when a hands free baby teether was invented.  This teether soothed sensitive gums of newborns and infants. One genius idea followed another when the Keep-It-Kleen pacifier was invented. This upgrade to traditional pacifiers made it so the baby would never stick a dirty pacifier in their mouth again. Drop and snap!

RaZbaby sent Blake three great products to try out.  First they sent him the with Percy the blue puppy on it, retails for $4.99.  It is really easy to “install”.  It just slips over any knobbed pacifier and the other end hooks on to baby’s clothes.  The clip that hooks to baby’s clothes is made of plastic not metal so you don’t have to worry if you baby is allergic to nickle.  The design is on a plastic disc and can be personalized for just $1!  The disc is attached to a silicone ring by a cute monochromatic blue striped ribbon.Blake also received the matching Percy the blue puppy This Keep-It-Kleen Smart Pacifier retails for just $5.99, $4.99 without personalization.  This pacifier is designed to close when drop keeping the nipple clean.  “Drop and Snap!  Works like a charm!” Not only will this keep you have having to clean off your baby’s pacifier all the time but it is a built in cover!  No more carrying around pacifier pouches or plastic boxes.  You won’t even have to carry around pacifier wipes! Talk about genius!! I also love how it is permanently personalized with Blake’s name.  So cute!Lastly we received the which retails for only $4.99. Made from 100% silicone, this teether is great for front and back teeth. It can even be frozen for extra gum soothing. This funky teether is inspired by nature and uses the bumpy texture of the grapes to help sooth achy gums. It is light weight and easy for baby to hold. Plus, one thing I haven’t thought of before, it is thin enough that baby can actually get it in his mouth to chew on it. Some are so thick that they are only good for the front teeth. Although it is super cute, I am hoping we won’t have to use it for awhile



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