Crazy Hair Dont Care

It’s no secret, I may have a small addiction to headbands.  I love them and wear them daily.  I have bands in every thickness and style.  I am not sure if I have a favorite.  As long as it stays on while I run and keeps my hair out of my face, it is my favorite. I absolutely must have something to keep my crazy hair out of my face while I run. The only thing that bugs me more than having hair in my face is having to adjust my band mid run.  When I hear that there is a “non slip headband” the skeptical side of me comes out.  I have a spent money on bands that claim to be non slip and then as soon as I run, they pop right off.

Heads Up Bands are  exactly what I have been looking for!  They have every kind of headband you are looking for.  There are thick bands, thin bands, sparkly bands, seasonal bands, theme bands.   Over 400 designs in fact–plus they can do CUSTOM BANDS!  What?!  Can you even imagine handing these out to a softball team, cheer leading squad, or just your favorite friends.   I was sent a handful of bands to give a try.  I found the package in my mailbox right before my run.  I immediately swapped out the band I had on for my new Heads Up Band.  To be honest, I was a little nervous that it was going to do the slip up, pop off the top move while I ran.

About a mile into my run, I thought I felt slipping and checked my band. Nope…exact same place.  Checked again about mile 5.  Still in the same place. And at the end of the run, 9.5 miles, it was covered in sweat, but it was in the exact same place.  It hadn’t moved a bit. So do I have then answer to the“is it really non slip”question? Yup, it is most definitely non slip. The other important question, does it give you a headache?  Absolutely not!  I have had one on for 12 hours straight and never had a twinge of a headache!   Each band has a decorative side as well as a velvet underside.  The velvet keeps the band exactly where you want it. The bottom 4 inches of the band is black elastic.  It gives it the perfect stretch to get the band on, but not too much that it falls right off.  All 3 of my girls (ages 6, 10, and 12) have tried them on love them…no slipping on them either.

Some Of My Favorite Bands–

  • What’s in a name?  Sometimes Everything!
  • Heads Up Bands TM was born from the devastating diagnosis of breast cancer.
  • As my hair grew back with its crazy curl, yes think Mike Brady;
  • I started making headbands for myself!
  • I received many compliments &  inquires as to where I got them and if I could make one for them.
  •  I decided to turn something that could be looked at as a negative into a positive & move forward!
  • So with my friend we started our company
  • Heads Up Bands.
  • We take great pride in our company & we will strive to offer you the best selection, price, quality & customer service.
  •  Heads Up to good Health & Happiness!

I don’t want to deceive and make anyone think that these are just gym head bands.  There are some very pretty and fancy bands.  Some of my favorite bands are the sparkles…they go with everything!  In the few days that I have had mine, I have worn them running, swimming with the fam, and to church.  I have crazy hair sometimes, so if I have on a darling headband, maybe no one will notice how crazy my hair can get. I am so excited for the 13.1 band that I was sent for my upcoming half marathon.  There is something fun and inspiring about having the perfect outfit for your race, and now I have a power band to run the race in!

Want to win some of your very own bands?

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