Across The Forehead Not Under The Tounge

I remember when I was a little girl getting the glass thermometer out of the medicine cabinet.  I was trying to fake being sick and held the mercury filled thermometer up to the light bulb.  I wanted it to get warmer than I actually was so I could stay home from school.  In the process, I dropped the thermometer and it broke. Glass in the carpet, mom freaking out, most importantly–poisonous mercury missing! That was 20 something years ago…man, I feel old!  When I had Hailee, I splurged and spent $25 and got a digital thermometer. I was super excited that I could finally read the thing  It had a digital screen, so I wasn’t guessing what the temperature was supposed to be. I only had to use it on my baby a few times before I realized that it was totally impractical to try and use it on a baby.

I couldn’t keep it under her tongue or in her arm pit (and I wasn’t putting it in the other end!!).  I forked out $50 to get an ear thermometer. I never had any problems with it.  I used it for all of my kids.  The down side…I had to replace the little plastic cup things that go over the end that goes in your ear. Not that they were pricey, but if you didn’t have one on, it didn’t work. Last but not least, we have upgraded to a forehead thermometer. Braun sent us their forehead thermometer to give a try. We have been luck enough to not have any flu bugs yet this season.  That doesn’t mean we couldn’t get good use out of the thermometer. We had to give it a good try on Hailee She climbed in bed and put on her best sick face.

As sick as she pretended to be, the thermometer didn’t lie. With a single press of the button and a simple swipe across the forehead, there was a fast and accurate reading. We did 3 different swipes, fast and slow, and all three readings came out the exact same.  It slides easily across the forehead and within seconds, you have a reading. The screen is easy to read, even in the dark. I am glad that we have been able to add this to our medicine cabinet, and hope that I don’t have to use it for real any time soon!

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