All Out

It never fails; I get to the grocery store with my list, fill up my cart, check out, and then head home. As I am home unloading my haul, there are always things I realize I had left off my list and forgot to grab while out and about. It can be incredibly frustrating as it seems like I always have “one more trip to the store” on my list of things to do. Knock Knock has solved this problem for me with their awesome All Out of Pad. This one adorable notepad has changed my trips to the store for the better! Our products aspire to bring humor, function, organization, and aesthetics to everyday life. We believe that people are intelligent enough to appreciate wit, wordplay, and conceptual thought. Whether we’re producing sticky notes or a volume of thoroughly researched nonfiction, we strive not to dumb down as we create. Our sensibility remains proudly distinct. ~ Knock Knock

I was so excited to receive the Hand Lettered All Out of Pad from Knock Knock. I have loved their fun products for years and have picked up several at different shops around town. I am the worst about remembering what I need at the store, so the All Out of Pad is perfect for me. The style of the All Out of Pad is so adorable {I love the hand lettering} and it is just so functional and useful in my life. It comes with a magnet on the back so I keep it on my fridge and just check different items I need to grab on my next trip to the store. I mark them as I realize I need them so I know I won’t forget.

My husband even adds to the list throughout the week which can be incredibly helpful. The All Out of Pad comes in a variety of fun colors. Knock Knock has so many fun and functional products that would make a perfect gift for friends, family, even your chid’s teacher. To stay up to date on all the latest products and special offers from Knock Knock, make sure to sign up for their Newsletter! Knock Knock is offering RMRV Readers and exclusive discount. Enter the code ‘REALMOMS’ at checkout and receive 20% off your order! {Expires November 8th, so grab those stocking stuffers while you can!} Today, Knock Knock is giving away one All Out of Pad! Complete the giveaway form below to enter to win.

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