Fit And Fashionable {Ellie #Review}

Back in the day when I would hit the gym I showed up in men’s basketball shorts and a plain tank.  I never ran outside if it wasn’t warm because all of my clothes with following the “I’m wearing my boyfriend’s clothes look.” What was I thinking? No wonder I was never hit on at the gym! Then I went crazy and bought myself some black and grey workout pants and paired them with colorful tanks.  Let me note, they weren’t cute tanks…just whatever was on clearance and in my size.  Again…no one hit on me at the gym.  Not that I need a beef cake to hit on me to make me feel good but it never hurts your ego to turn heads.

Now the trend is bright colors and tighter fitting pants and shorty shorts.  I don’t know if I will ever have the legs to pull off shorty shorts but I thought I would give the bright colors and tighter pants a try. Also, since I am on a 5K race kick lately I wanted to make sure I was equipped for a cold day. That is why I was beyond thrilled when I was asked to review Ellie’s adorable workout wear. Ellie is this bomb site that has fashionable workout clothing.  I know I have said it before but I will say it again, “Nothing is better than looking cute while getting your sweat on.”(Yes I just quoted myself ) Ellie creates high quality fitness wear that isn’t high priced but it is luxurious!  Each month they switch their products up and bring you more fashion forward, high quality pieces that will make you wonder why you ever paid more.  Or in my case why you didn’t know about them sooner.

There are two ways to shop at Ellie. Check out their shop and pick what you want OR  Become a Fit FashionistaClub member and choose any two pieces each month for only $49.95. Any two!  Two tops. Two bottoms. One top and one bottom.  Two of the same thing! When you sign up with a membership you get to pick out the pieces you want before they go on sale.  This way you never get your heart crushed learning what you wanted was sold out.  Also, you get free shipping on all orders, no matter how often you order per month.  It is a month to month membership, so you don’t have to worry about a contract.  Also if you don’t see something you are interesting in receiving or need to take month of you can skip a month!  Now that is awesome customer service!!

Check out what Ellie sent me!

Let’s start with the pants.  These are the Electric Love Capri.  They retail for $54.95, but remember if you are a member you only pay $49.95 and you get 2 Ellie pieces!  These turquoise capris are freakin’ sweet!  I have never owned a pair of colored workout pants and I LOVE these!!  There is only two seams…on the waist band and the inside of the leg.  This makes them SUPER comfy.  I also love the contrast lines. They add interest, structure, and creates a slimming effect. They are complete with a reflective logo behind the right knee.

I also received the Catch Me If You Can Charcol top.  This retails for $39.95, but again if you are a member you only pay $49.95 and you get 2 Ellie pieces!  This is THE SOFTEST shirt I own. I could LIVE in this shirt!!  It really is amazing. It has thumb holes to keep your sleeves in place while running.  They can even roll over your fingers to keep your hands warm so you don’t need to haul around gloves until you get warmed up.  It is light enough to wear in the cool spring or fall mornings but warm enough to wear during a winter run.

Last week I ran a 5K.  Lucky for us, it snowed that morning. I threw on my Catch Me If You Can top, rolled the sleeves over my hands, and off I went! I was warm but not sweating like a pig.(Recognize RMRV’s blogger Erin?  She is a beast at 5K’s! I am pretty sure she came in 10 minutes before me.) If these pieces were bought separately they would retail for $94.49! Become an Ellie Fit FashionistaClub member and you get them for $49.95!  What a killer deal!!!

Here are a few pieces I am eying from Ellie’s March collection, Little Black Collection:

Wouldn’t these be so cute mixed and matched with my Electric Love Capris and Catch Me If You Can top!? My birthday is coming up and I know what I am asking for, a monthly membership to Ellie!! I am addicted!

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