The Happy Body

I am just on a mission to be my best self. I have been keeping up with my exercise routine and have been really trying to focus on my diet to trim and lean this body out. I recently stumbled upon The Happy Body through a super fit and healthy Instagram friend and was instantly curious. Do I want a happy body?? Yes, as a matter of fact, I do! {and she looks amazing and follows this program…I want to do whatever she’s doing!}Everyone wants a Happy Body but it can’t be done dependently. Here are the tools for creating your Happy Body, attractive & pain-free, without medications. ~The Happy Body


I was so excited to receive a copy of The Happy Body book from Aniela and Jerzy Gregorek. When it first arrived I couldn’t wait to start reading. Immediately I was surprised by the size and quality of the book; it has a hardcover, what I would describe as a coffee table style book. Larger than your average novel. As I flipped trough the pages I could tell this book is full of great information; it contains a bunch of photos and diagrams explaining exercises, posture, etc. to really “show” you exactly what is discussed in the book. So good. As soon as I started reading I was hooked. This is not a book about a fad diet. It is not a book about a quick fix. This is a book laying out the framework for a healthy lifestyle and “happy body” to benefit from your entire life and keep you youthful. That is what I appreciate most about the information in the Happy Body Book; It is a complete lifestyle makeover.With a combination of nutrition, exercise, and relaxation you can be on your way to a happy body and healthy lifestyle one day at a time in a very regimented process. The Happy body will not only set your ideal weight goal, but also your ideal weight in proportions {weight in pounds & muscle} I am in the middle of a weight loss journey and I found The Wisdom of Losing Weight section of the book so interesting, as well as affirming. Information on how to lose weight and how NOT to lose weight. The Happy Body book includes several different charts and diagrams to track your weekly progress and make sure you are progressing effectively and at an appropriate rate. Each week you focus on a new exercise sequence where each exercise is designed to increase strength, flexibility, and balance. Each exercise in the sequence is shown through photographs as well as a detailed written description. This section is extremely thorough and descriptive; each exercise is clearly laid out to ensure it is done correctly.


At the back of the book is an entire section with a variety of different complete meal recipes to support The Happy Body philosophy. Soups and stews, salads, omelets, souffles & other egg white dishes, and free-choice dinners {protein & vegetable dishes}. These recipes look so delicious and are created to get you to your goals!I was also sent The Happy Body Ambience; a gorgeous DVD with a beautiful floral slide show set to piano music to play for relaxation. It is so wonderful! As a photography lover, I truly enjoy the calming photos. The music is also very calming and meditative. It is a fantastic addition to The Happy Body and I am thankful I have it to include throughout my process. My children also enjoy the DVD. Instead of watching TV in the mornings I have been playing the DVD and I find it a much calmer and more connected way to start the day together.There is just a ton of awesome information in The Happy Body Book, more than I can even cover in a review. I can tell you that if you are wanting to create a youthful, healthy, and happy body, I would highly recommend The Happy Body Book! It has changed the way I look at health and fitness and I am so excited to be starting my happy body journey! I am pretty sure The Happy Body is the true fountain of youth! To  learn more about Aniela & Jerzy Gregorek check out their website! They have an amazing history and story that led them to creating The Happy body!

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