Best Friends Haba Toy Play Set Review

Peanut loves stuffed animals! We call them his “friends”! He has 2 in particular that are his besties… a teddy bear named “Bear Bear”, and a puppy named “Rover”…yes, I did name them, and yes… my Hubby gave me grief over how silly the names are!  Peanut takes these guys everywhere! In the car, to bed, when he is playing around the house… he even has them help clean up his toys. He will use their paws to pick up his cars and such…it’s pretty cute!

Recently, we were generously given the opportunity to add to “the pack” from HABA Toy company, a great specialty toy company started more than 70 years ago in Germany that has a wide range of toys from baby through preschool. We were given the “Play set Hound Leo” and boy was Peanut excited to meet his new friend. Peanut really loves puppies, so it was fitting for his new friend to be a puppy. He loved him from the moment he met him. This play set is awesome because it comes with a special bowl to feed puppy, a bone and also a blanket. We ended up naming him Pup instead of Leo… this was kind of Peanut’s idea this time!  Let me just say that Pup is now officially one of the club. He now goes everywhere Bear Bear and Rover go. It has been fun listening to Peanut call him Pup too! Peanut’s speech is delayed, but he can actually say Pup, and so he calls for him all the time!

Peanut promptly added him to the pile of his other friends!

HABA products can be found nationwide at over 1,000 U.S. specialty retail stores and in specialty catalogs and websites.  Many of its products have been recognized with German and American awards including Parents’ Choice Foundation, National Parenting Center, Creative Child, and Dr. Toy.  HABA received Best Toys of the Year recognition from the TODAY Show Toy Test and has been featured in national magazines such as American Baby, Baby Talk, Fit Pregnancy, Parenting, Parents and Working Mother. If you want to get your hands on this awesome puppy play set or another of their great toys, use the handy store locator to find a place near you as well as online retailers! Thanks HABA for a new best friend!

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