Meet Scuttlebug Scramblebug Review And Giveaway

It features 4 castor wheels that move 360 degrees. Now your little bug can scramble around the yard or house on this adorable little bug.  I recommend the ScrambleBug for children around two years plus. They can really get cruising on this one and it moves quickly and turns quickly too.

Meet the ScuttleBug.

It features 3 wheels and offers front wheel steering. Perfect for helping your little one to balance as they learn to ride. I would recommend the ScuttleBug to children who are 12 months old or a little past that age. It’s perfect for the little one who is learning to sit on a bike and balance and doesn’t move too much, but just enough. Both the ScuttleBug and the ScrambleBug are lightweight. We tested them out first hand. One for my daughter and one for my son. Both my little buggies! I loved the scratch free wheels and easy moving castor wheels. It made them easy for for my little ones to use and they even fold up quickly and easily with pinch free feature. Something that is a great feature in a toy for kids. No more crying over pinches. It folds to 1/3 it’s original size. My little guy is able to carry his around the house with ease. Plus, it’s super easy to throw in the back seat of the car to take to Grandma’s house or on a road trip.

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