Day-Trip Diaper Bag – 8 Things To Pack To Ensure Your Baby Stays Comfortable And Happy

One of the most common questions every parent asks the other before an outing is, “have you packed the diaper bag?” Traveling with a baby demands a whole lot of packing, and it can feel like you need a car-load of stuff to keep your little one happy.  

Here’s an out-there concept for you: what if baby travel didn’t have to mean carrying lock, stock, and barrel? As it turns out, the following eight essentials are all you need to bring along on day trips with your baby:

  • Travel Bottle Sterilizer

If you are going to bring your baby’s bottles with you, then you must take along a travel bottle sterilizer. Thankfully, carting a sterilizer made for travel is effortless, making it one of those portable goods that every parent should have.

  • Wet Wipes

Not only are wet wipes a diaper changing essential, but these wipes are also ideal for all sorts of messes. Wet wipes are especially great for cleaning food stains off the car seat (and everywhere else your enterprising little baby manages to get them) so make sure to always keep them handy.

  • Toys and Books

Have you tried traveling long distances with an unoccupied baby? One word comes to mind: “Crabby.” A crabby baby rarely holds back in communicating their unhappiness or discomfort. When your baby is squealing, naturally you feel uncomfortable too. 

To help everyone involved, bring along your baby’s favorite toys and books to ensure that they can be entertained during the trip. Bringing your baby’s toys along will also reduce their chances of crying for another baby’s toys if you’re going on a playdate.

  • Portable Changing Mat

Nifty little foldable mats almost always come in handy when you are out and about. Since babies and toddlers can’t control when they need to go, you need to be ready for a diaper change at all times. So, make sure to bring your changing mat along to avoid unnecessary accidents.

  • Diaper Cream

Any proper diaper change requires the application of a great barrier cream. To ensure your baby stays happy, make sure to have a travel-sized version of your favorite baby rash cream ready. If an insect bites, your diaper cream will come in handy too.

  • Bottles

Every breastfeeding and bottle-feeding parent knows that bottles are necessary. Everything from breast milk to powdered milk to juice can be effortlessly poured into bottles making it easier for the baby to drink.

  • A Pacifier (and a Spare)

When your baby was born, how many pacifiers did you buy? How many pacifiers do you have now? And do you still have even one of your originals? Pacifiers get lost easily. However, there’s no denying that they work well to pacify babies, so you have to make sure that you have one on hand at all times. Carry extras if need be so you don’t end up with a cranky child.

  • Sun Blockers and Blankets

A soft blanket is a great way to keep your baby comfortable. It’s important to carry a blanket along in case the weather decides to change, but babies also just feel comforted when they sleep under a blanket.

When traveling in a car, sun blockers can also be used to reduce the heat and glare of the sun. These simple window attachments prevent the sun’s rays from disturbing or overheating babies or damaging their delicate skin. 

You may also decide to pack a spare set of clothes, but that depends on the length of the journey. A longer journey with a baby would mean packing everything, but for now, grab the essentials and get going.

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