Sleeping Like A French Baby

When it comes to a sleeping child it is important to be play it safe.  There are too many stories about something happening to babies in their sleep that could have been prevented.  Moms are encouraged to not put blankets, bummer pads, stuffed animals, or pillows in cribs because a baby could suffocate.  Vanessa, mom and fashion designer, understands these warnings and not 0nly wanted to provide a solution for her own child but for other children. Badaboum was founded when Vanessa couldn’t find sleep sacks like the ones French mommies used.  She used her strong fashion design background to create one for her child and soon her friends were asking for them too.  Now she is bringing warmth and safety to American infants. Badaboum sleep sacks are rigorously tested to ensure safety and high quality.  Lined with 100% cotton and filled with breathable polyester padding, these sleep sacks are not flammable and formaldehyde-free.

Celebrity Baby Trends sent me the Badaboum Dulcet in a 6 month- 24 month size to try out.  I was excited to try it out with Beckham because I can’t keep blankets on him to save my life.   He is always kicking them off and then laying on top of them.  I often wake up in the middle of the night to go in and check on him to make sure he is covered and that he isn’t tangled in the blankets.  My attempt to use it with my 22 month old failed—he was not having it.  He is the type of kid that falls asleep with his legs hanging through the crib bars.  After attempting to put him in this for bed time, he cried for 30 minutes.  Once I took him out of it, he fell right asleep.  Honestly, I didn’t expect him to love it because I had never had him in a sleep sack before.  I definitely think this is something a child needs to become accustomed to before 22 months old.  I am totally fine with him not loving it though because initially I planned on using it for my son that will be born in July.  I wanted to try it out with Beckham though so I could at least get a feel for how it worked.

The Badaboum doesn’t take the place of pajamas.  It takes the place of blankets.  Baby wears pajamas while in the Badaboum.  Simply unsnap the shoulders and unzip the bottom a little.  Lay your baby down inside and zip and snap it closed.  It is super soft and has plenty of leg room for baby to wiggle around in!  It will keep your baby warm but not too hot.  The breathable filling along with appropriate nightwear for your child, will keep baby’s body temperature at the correct level.  This sleep sack is intended for winter use. It unsnaps from the shoulders and unzips to lay flat for easy access for night time changes.  The best part is the zipper never comes completely apart so you don’t have to struggle in the dark to get the teeth lined up before zipping.  Just grab and zip! The Badaboum sleep sack is currently only available in the Dulcet, a great unisex design that is orange and green.  Coral and Ice Green Dots are both coming soon and available for pre-order! I can’t wait to use this when the weather gets chilly and I have a new little guy!  I am going to train him from the beginning that sleep sacks are the only way to sleep.  Then I can sleep comfortably knowing that my child is safe and warm.

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