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I don’t feel like I am that different from most moms.  I love my kids and hubby to death…they are the #1 priority.  It means that what I want sometimes gets put on the back burner.  What I want is a flat tummy!  More than anything in the world….a bikini body- though I wouldn’t ever put this stretch marked body in a bikini!   It’s no secret that I am addicted to the gym.  I love the feeling of getting my sweat on.  I like the “gross” feeling after you have busted your butt and your sports bra is soaked in sweat.  The more I lift, the more tone my arms get.  The more I squat, uhhh….the more sore I am.  The more crunches I do, I feel like I need to do more.  My tummy just doesn’t change like I want it to.  I know part of it is that I have had kids—twins, too!  I tell myself that so I don’t feel so bad about the way my tummy looks–not working.  I have done everything I can come up with.  I was doing just weights, no results.  I did just cardio, still no results.  I combined the two, a tiny bit of results.

While running one day at the gym, I saw an ad.  I had my headphones on so I didn’t hear it, but it caught my eye.  It was for Slim Belly.  I didn’t think much of it, but then I saw it again and again.  It seemed like Slim Belly was calling my name.  I was able to get in touch with Molly who gave me all the info I needed about Slim Belly.  She sent me my very own Slim Belly system…it couldn’t get here fast enough.  I had watched 2 weeks of the infomercial at the gym and I was convinced that I was next in line to become their future bikini model.What is Slim Belly?Slim Belly is a revolutionary exercise tool which gently massages hard-to-lose fat layers during exercise.  We believe this massaging action increases blood flow to these fat layers which encourages lipolysis, the process in which fat is burned as fuel. Worn during cardiovascular exercise, Slim Belly is a great way to maximize a workout and get the best results possible. After using Slim Belly for a few weeks, users don’t want to exercise without it. Slim Belly is lightweight and comfortable to wear.

I couldn’t get my Slim Belly on my body fast enough.  I was so excited to try out my new toy.  Molly had advised me to watch the instructional video before using Slim Belly.    Being the good girl I am, I followed directions.  The video showed me how to correctly apply the belt and how to use it.  When watching the infomercial, I didn’t realize that this was a 2 belt system.  The first belt that you put on is the air pressure belt.  It is kind of a plasticy belt that has a velcro closure in the back with two valves on the front that you hook your air hoses up to.The concept is based on the patented Airpressure Bodyforming Method. This revolutionary technology works by stimulating increased blood flow in the targeted areas through two alternating air pressure chambers. Continuous pressure changes—from positive pressure to zero pressure and vice versa—gently massage the subcutaneous fat layers while training. When blood flows through the fat cells, it enables the fat to be converted into usable energy.The second belt is neoprene and holds the massage unit.   The massage unit was bigger than I expected it to be.  In the infomercial all you see is everyone running around in what appear to be small belts.  The belt size didn’t bother me, but I feel like the massage unit that goes in the back is a little big.  The belt also has a velcro phone pouch that attaches to the front of the belt.

How Does It Help People Lose Inches In Specific Places?

When your body goes into a caloric deficit, most people tend to lose weight in their chest, face and upper extremities. The theory behind Slim Belly is simple:  By bringing an increased blood flow to the subcutaneous fat layers in the abdominal area (or to the hips and thighs), Slim Belly makes it easier to break down the fat molecules. Finally, you can lose inches where you want to!Well, where I want to loose inches is in my tummy for sure!  Again, doing as I was directed, I measured my waist- 1″ above the belly button and 1″ below the belly button.  My measurement above the button 2 weeks ago was 30″, below was 33″.  When I measured again today, it was 1″ smaller above and about 1/2″ smaller below.  But not only that, I can tell a HUGE different in my skin tone.  If you look at my side pictures, notice the top of my pants…less spillage over the front.  Slim Belly doesn’t claim that it will “make you lose weight.”  In reading others reviews, many did.  I did not.  Slim Belly not only helps with slimming the fat down, but it also helps with your skin tone.  I noticed a HUGE difference in the way my belly looked, even with my stretch marks!


In all honesty, this is a very easy program to follow.  All you have to do is wear the belt for 30-40 minutes while doing moderate exercises 3 times a week.  Running, Zumba, biking, walking, aerobics….any of them work!  I will tell you, when you take the belt off, have a towel handy because you are sure to be a sweaty mess!  I couldn’t believe the amount of sweat that came off my belly!  I loved wearing my Slim Belly when I went outside for runs.  Due to its bulkiness (and that it makes some noise when the air inflated and deflates) I don’t wear it to the gym.  Molly said that wearing the belt while not working out hadn’t been studied yet, but I love the way the belt feels, so I wear it as much as possible.  I wear it while I blow my hair dry, folding laundry, making dinner.Slim belly suggests you wear the belt for 4 weeks.  I am only 2 weeks in and I am already seeing amazing results.  I can’t wait to see what happens over the next two weeks!  Be sure to check back in for the final results!


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