A Guide to Better Time Management

Are you someone who is perpetually late for flights, events or doctor’s appointment? Is your life so deeply ingrained with your lateness that no one ever expects you to be on time? This post will help you help yourself at being better with time.

Punctuality is a habit, which has to be nurtured and practiced. It is not something you can just wake up and be good at. The following is a curated list of a few simple practices you can add to your daily routine and improve you time management skills. Just carry on reading-

  • Respecting the alarm clock

If you wake up late in the morning, it sets off this domino effect of you being late for your subsequent tasks. So set up an alarm and wake up on time. But that’s easier said than done. And this is a real struggle if you’re not a morning person.

I would suggest you to set a realistic target for yourself. Instead of trying to wake up at six in the morning when you typically wake up at nine, try and set your alarm for eight-thirty. And then gradually try and wake up at six.

And eventually your biological clock will adjust to this. You have to be consistent with the timing and of course you can reward yourself by sleeping in during the weekends.

  • Booking cabs in advance

Instead of trying to hail a last minute cab, you could book your rides in advance. It is best for you Whether you need to catch a flight or make it to an early meeting and going for another work booking cabs in advance can save you so much time.

In Melbourne,you can avail silver taxi service, which will provide you with premium timely transportation. Booking a taxi to the Melbourne Airport is easy, it will take you just a few minutes and you are free from the last minute stress.

  • Plan the day

Try and have a rough idea of the things you need to cross off your to-do list and plan your day accordingly. This simple step will enable you to manage your time efficiently.

  • Have a margin

Give yourself a buffer time of at least fifteen minutes. For instance, if you have a dinner reservation, then try to leave fifteen minutes earlier than you need to. This will help you tackle traffic or any other unforeseen circumstance. It’s always better to be slight early than late.  

  • Switch up the daily routine

By rearranging your everyday tasks you could save so much time. For instance, you can shower before going to bed rather than the morning. This will make the early morning rush so much easier to tackle.

Meal-prepping during the weekend for the week is one excellent method. Not only will this save you so much time and money, but also enable better eating habits.

  • Stop scrolling

Who isn’t a victim of constant scrolling? This unhealthy habit is mostly in college students. It is advised to stop using your phone at least two hours before your bedtime. This will help the mind relax, which will help you sleep better and wake up on time.

All these tips and tricks don’t seem drastic but they will make you better at time management. So introduce these habit to your life and join the punctual club. Visit us for a session.

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