101 Uses Clearly Emu Oil

Who knew a little bottle of Emu Oil could have so many uses?  Before I got this incredible product, I couldn’t have given you ONE use for Emu Oil.  I had never heard of it, but was thrilled to give it a try!  I initially thought that I would use this product mainly as a face oil.  I used it every morning for a couple of weeks and started to notice the over all quality of my skin was starting to improve.  I began to wonder what else I could use this incredible product for. I got on the web site and found a fantastic list of common uses for the Emu Oil.  It was only about an hour later when I was making cookies that we needed the magic formula!  Mia hit her arm on the cookie tray that I had just pulled out of the oven.  With one little drip of oil on her arm, the pain faded and there was no blistering or continued pain came later.  I was amazed!  I noticed my dog had a rash on his belly…Emu Oil to the rescue!  After a few days and a few drops of oil, rash gone!   I also used it as a bath oil, adding a few drops to a my bath as I filled the tub.  I came out soft and smooth!  My favorite use was using it as a scalp treatment and a hair treatment.  I simply applied a few drips in my part and rubbed it into my scalp.  Then, thinking I could use a little more pampering, I added a few drops to the palm of my hand smoothed the rest of my hair.  I put it in a bun and let it “set” over night.  In the morning BAM!  Fabulous Hair!!

 What is this fabulous oil I speak of??

All three types of our pure emu oil are natural sources of Omega 3 EFA (Linolenic Acid), Omega 6 EFA (Linoleic Acid), and Omega 9 (Oleic Acid). These fatty acids are vital for healthy skin & body functions. When applied topically, emu oil will penetrate into the skin delivering the health benefits of these fatty acids as it penetrates. Our pure emu oil will moisturize, nourish, and soothe your skin resulting in healthier skin that will look and feel great.This same oil can be used as a natural treatment for damaged skin such as burns, cuts, scars, wounds, or abrasions. It is a popular treatment for parched or cracked dry skin as well as for conditions like eczema and psoriasis. Since emu oil is an anti-inflammatory it is also used by people who prefer a natural treatment for sore muscles or achy joints.Uniquely Emu has many other products as well!  They have Pain Management Products, Skin Care Products, Hair Care Products (that I would LOVE to try…I am ALWAYS looking for a great shampoo/conditioner), Soaps , Dietary Supplements, and Pet Care Products.  What a wonderful product!  I was thrilled with the outcome with every use! Real Mom Approved!!

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