Power of simplicity: How to de-clutter your home office for better productivity

Working from home office comes with numerous benefits, but it also has some tiny yet concerning challenges of working in an unstructured set-up. All the clutter around you might seem to be motivating initially, but for success and productivity, it is crucial that you declutter yourself mentally and physically.

Just of piles of work piling up exerts pressure on your mind, collections of files on your desk or unorganized and unrequired pieces of stuff in your office space can cause stress. And, it is undoubtedly a cause of distraction.

So, how to declutter your home office for better productivity?
Simple Tips

Organize the space

If you know you will need to have a dedicated office space in your home, start investing time in planning to properly. For a regular workspace, you cannot have a random place to sit.

To enhance your productivity, having a designated space with fundamental necessities is vital.

Have message board which can act as your quick reference guide.

Keep drawer organizers to make sure your items in drawers are organized, and you don’t waste time in finding a pen or stapler in the middle of a phone call.

Have a fuss-free surrounding; keep the cables and wires covered and reduce your chances of toppling over on a busy day.

If you have a space constraint, think of innovative ways and refer online for various options.

Your ultimate motto is to have a compact, secure and refreshing space in your home from where you can give the best productivity.

Keep only necessities

Keep aside all distractions – it can be papers, files, pens, or any other stationery. Make sure that your office space does not have any item which you do not need.

You can keep the items in the drawers, but keeping them on the desk, will not reduce your, but it will also make things clumsier for you.

Rework on it at the end of the day

Every day before you start with your work, invest 5-10 minutes in revisiting the items that are on your desk.

Ideally, it is best practice to put everything back in drawers at designated places once your office is over. So that the next day you can take out only those items which you need. However, if you do not have time for it at the end of the day – revisit your desk before you start your day. Put aside things which you will not need that day. Like a headphone, in case you do not have a call, you might not need it, then why keep it loitering on the table?

Clean it every day

When you work from the office, your workspace is probably cleaned by someone else. But, it is not the same when you are working from home office. So, ensure to clean your home office space every day. This is not only hygienic, but a clean area is sure to make you feel fresh.

Before you start feeling demotivated and sad over your poor productivity, give a try to rejuvenate your mind. You will see how simple things like a clean space can motivate you.

It might initially take up some time of yours, but eventually, it will benefit you. Not only you will save yourself from piled up cleaning and dusting, but you will also feel good and motivated from within and be more productive.

Keep household stuff away from the space

Maintaining a distance between the personal space and office space often turns out to be the biggest challenge if you are working from home office. But, if you can do it, you will know half of your battle is won.

Once again not an easy task, and you might tend to mix them up but ensure to remove them while you are clean and reorganize your workspace every day.

All of these tips as mentioned above are simple, and yet they can help you a lot in improving your productivity from your home office.

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