A Guide to 2021’s Most Popular Ceiling Fan Styles

Did you know that more than 75% of Americans have a ceiling fan in their home? Now, most people purchase a fan-based on its electronic features; however, they are more than a way to beat the heat. They are a piece of decor and can be used as a statement piece or even tie a room together. 

However, how do you find the right style? Don’t worry, with this guy; you can find out! From metallic fans to modern styles, you can find the right fan for your home today. 

Now, are you ready to get started? Here’s a quick look at a few popular styles: 

Metallic Fans 

For those of you who have a rustic or artistic aesthetic, this type of fan is just for you! By incorporating metallic hues into your space, it creates a welcoming and stylish look. To achieve this style, all you have to do is purchase a fan with copper finishes or metal accents. 

Wood Fans 

Wood fans have become a staple in any outdoor area or farmhouse-chic space. Its sleek aesthetic and warm tones enhance the natural elements of the room to tie the space together. Not to mention a wood fan makes any room feel inviting and refined. 

To pull off this look, purchase a fan with wood blades, wood accents, or a charming wood base. Just make sure to match the wood in the fan to any wood in your furniture or decor to create an eye-catching space. 

Modern Fans 

Are you the type of person who likes minimalism? Well, you’re in luck because these modern fans are for you! With simple designs and a pop of color, these modern fans are perfect for any office, gym, or playroom. 

In fact, they’ll make any room burst with personality. It’s the perfect touch to modernize your home and make it a welcoming and comfortable space. 

Fluted Glass Fans 

Now, a fluted glass fan isn’t something you see every day, which is why it’s the perfect fan to place in your living room or bedroom. In fact, it’s a great statement piece that can make any room feel cozy and relaxing. With its fluted glass style, the light will reflect on any nearby windows to give you the perfect night time mood. 

All you need to achieve this style is to purchase a fluted glass fan or one with a glass bowl. However, beware these types of fans are usually more expensive. 

Find Your Ceiling Fan Style Today 

It’s true; finding the right fan can be a hassle. So, instead of focusing on its features or the cost, narrow down your selections by style. After all, do you want to end up with a fan that looks out of place? We think not. 

So match your style to the fan. For example, if your aesthetic features rustic elements, purchase a metallic fan. However, if your space focuses on dark colors and tends to be described as cozy, buy the flutter glass fan. 

For more information about purchasing the ceiling fan, visit our website today. We look forward to helping you find the right decor for your home!

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