10 Tips to Curate the Ultimate Bookshelf

Gone are the days when bookshelves were just a storage space for haphazardly stacking books. Now, a well-curated bookshelf can work just as well as an expensive piece of art. You can let your creativity loose and create the ultimate bookshelf with these tips-

1. Follow a colour scheme

Before you begin purchasing and collecting items for your bookshelf, choose a colour scheme.

You can go for a classic monochromatic theme. A bookshelf consisting of black and white books along with pops of gold or red pieces will become a central attraction of your house.

Another popular option is arranging your bookshelf in order of the colours of the rainbow. Nothing is more aesthetically pleasing than a wall of rainbow colour coordinated books. Not only will it make your space look harmonious but will also contribute towards an overall calm ambiance.

2. Play with mix media

Bookshelves are no longer mere racks for just displaying books. You can incorporate an eclectic mix of objects to create an impressive bookshelf. Sculptures, photo frames, pottery, jewellery dishes, candles, decorative homeware and even a pair of shoes will collectively make an artistic display. Unique and creative homewares in Melbourne are readily available.

3. Light it up

Good lighting can significantly improve any space. Don’t shy away from using designer lighting to brighten up individual shelves. You can even install focused lighting to create a spotlight on a particular object.

You can get lighting customized to the style of your bookshelf. Custom lighting in Melbourne is easily accessible.

4. A touch of greenery

Bring some freshness into the space with a pop of greenery. Place some cascading plants to fill up any empty gaps. If you don’t trust yourself to keep plants alive then go for easy to maintain succulents or fake plants.

5. Blend in functionality

Your bookshelf can serve a greater purpose then just a staging area for pretty pieces. You can incorporate electronics in the mix to add to its functionality.

Invest in a record player that will supply some great tunes and act as a gorgeous deco piece.

Your bookshelf can also double as a pantry. You can arrange a little coffee and snacks section.

6. Experiment with shapes and styles

Don’t be intimidated by avant-garde shapes and designs. Just with an innovative bookshelf you can add so much more interest in a space.

A metal bookshelf is suitable for an industrial style, while a geometric and neutral bookshelf will add a clean modern touch.

There are several household items that can serve as a bookshelf. A step ladder or stacked-up fruit crates are some choices for a rustic bookshelf.

7. Try unexpected placement

Instead of placing your bookshelf against a wall, experiment with its placement. Try positioning it off center or take it to a whole another level by placing the bookshelf in the middle of a room. Bookshelves can be used as functional room dividers.

By placing a bookshelf in the middle of a room, you can truly make it the feature piece of the room.

8. No shelf bookshelf

You don’t even need a bookshelf to create the most stylish bookshelf. Does that sound bizarre? Well, it isn’t bizarre but actually quite simple.

A flat surface is all you need. A corner floor space or a bedside table would work just fine. You can stack you books in creative styles and top them off with a small decor item. This straightforward idea is especially useful for small spaces where you’re unable to fit an actual bookshelf.

9. Go for a funky wallpaper

Wallpapers don’t just elevate boring walls. You can make your bookshelf standout with a fun patterned wallpaper. With a wallpaper you can enhance the theme you are going for. You also have the option of switching them, if you desire a change.

10. Minimalist

Instead of completely packing the bookshelf, leave it mostly bare. Just have a couple of books, a few decorative items and one sizeable art piece. This will open up your space and give your room a rather modern appeal.

Hopefully, these tips inspired you to create a unique and charming bookshelf that will be the show-stopper among your existing interior decor.

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