Home inspection is an important part of buying a home. It’s tempting to skip it. It’s not an option to have a home inspection if you’re spending so much money on your new house.

Home inspections are up to you but they’re not mandatory. A home inspection could help you save thousands of dollars in the long-term. An inspection can save you time, money, and headaches, which is usually more than the cost. While we won’t tell if you should buy or not, we can tell you what you need to do if you do.

What Does a Home Inspection Do?

You should not skip home inspections when you are buying a home. A Home Inspector in Alberta will inspect the house and focus on major appliances and systems.

The inspection is completely non-invasive and large furniture and wall coverings will not be removed. Inspectors will inspect the whole house for any dangerous situations or components that aren’t working properly. They also look at structural issues. You are encouraged to attend the inspection so you can ask questions, and get a full explanation.

The entire process typically takes around 2 hours. How to prepare your house for a home inspection, and what to do when the inspector arrives.

Why you need a professional home inspection

Unseen Problems

The house you are considering buying may be attractive and in good condition, but it could have hidden problems. To ensure that the interior systems such as heating and electricity are working properly, a home inspector will inspect them. If they aren’t, the inspector will inform you and give you an explanation.

It can become a bigger problem if you do not have a home inspection. It can be much more costly to repair something that has stopped working or breaks down than if it was discovered earlier.

Structural Issues

An inspector will inspect your house’s systems and also check the foundation and other structural elements. This is to make sure they are structurally sound. Any structural issues are a red flag and could lead to major repairs that can cost thousands of dollars, depending on how severe the problem is. We can’t see through the walls of a basement to check the foundation. However, we have other tools and methods that can detect foundational problems.

Poor Insulation

Another important, yet often overlooked aspect of a house is insulation. For multiple reasons, high-quality insulation is crucial in a new house. Insulation will maintain a comfortable temperature in your home, reduce noise, and increase energy efficiency. This will help to keep your energy bills down. We will inspect your insulation with thermal imaging tools, which can detect gaps or moisture in walls and attics.

Poor Water Quality

Water quality is another potential problem that can be difficult to spot at first glance. Your family’s health is dependent on the quality of your water supply. A lot of inspectors offer water quality testing. It’s simple – you send a sample to a laboratory and they’ll give you the results in a matter of days.


Septic system maintenance inspections give you a better understanding of its operation and how to maintain it. The inspector will inspect the system and show you how it works. We can refer you to a professional inspector if there are any concerns. There are many easy ways to maintain your septic system’s smooth operation. You can save yourself the expense of a costly repair or replacement by learning how to maintain your septic system.


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