Off-roading Tips To Help You Preserve Your Vehicle

We all have seen our precious rides get a little loose after some rough off-roading and it breaks our hearts a little. You can’t get enough of the rough roads and terrains but neither do you want to see your ride give up on you. So what do you do?

Here are some off-roading tips that are going to help you enjoy your adrenaline rush without breaking too many parts of your ride.

1. Go In Groups

You, alone, may not be the best judge of which road to take and which road to avoid. Driving in a big group will ensure that you always have someone with you to help out in case of an emergency and also guide the way. Off-roading in a big group is especially important if you are planning to venture into unknown paths and territories. Also, if it’s your first time attempting off roading, then you must not do it alone.

2. Prepare Your Ride

As you know off-roading isn’t your regular driving  on smooth roads and turns, it’s going to be rough and tough. This means you need to prepare your vehicle accordingly as well. You might want to look into a turbocharger like a Patrol ZD30 Turbo for your off-roading adventure. You might need some other modifications to your suspension and wheels as well. Apart from these, do invest in equipment for recovery like tow hooks, winch, basic tools, fire extinguisher, tire repair kit and more such equipment that can temporarily repair minor damages.

3. Prepare Yourself

Just getting your vehicle a Prado 1KD Turbo won’t end the job of preparing your vehicle for your adventure. You must prepare yourself as well. Preparing yourself mentally and physically is not enough, you need to prepare yourself logistically as well. You must prepare yourself with some important things like a first aid kit, toiletries, a pair of clothes to change, emergency flares, rain suit, canned food and as much water as you can carry. Think of it this way, you need to prepare for the worst because adventures are all about survival. In case you get stuck, you should be equipped with the right things to survive your time there until help arrives.

4. Practise

Your driving technique needs to be perfected before you go on your off-roading adventure. You must get out there and practice your driving. Controlling your throttle in just the right amounts and selecting the right gear is something that can come only with practice and experience. That perfect sync and equilibrium between too much and too less, is what you need to get right.

5. Tires

If you lower the Pound per Square Inch (PSI) in your tires then your vehicle will have a larger footprint which means it will have more grip. An increase in the stopping ability of your vehicle can save it from disasters.

6. Alignment

Another important element on your checklist should be to check the alignment of your vehicle. Off-roading can throw off the alignment of your vehicle and so, you should get the alignment of your car checked before and after each of your rough adventures.

7. Know When To Stop

A wise man learns from his mistakes, a fool never does’, so don’t be a fool and know when to stop. If your gut tells you it’s getting too much and your ride might not be able to take it, then just stop. There’s no fun in continuing just to end up with a broken car or even worse, a broken leg. There’s a limit to all adventures and thrills so, make sure you don’t push yourself to the point of high danger to you and your vehicle.


The only way you can continue with your off-roading adventures is if you take care of yourself and your ride. Do keep these tips in mind if you want to not only have a good time but also a safe time.

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