Thinking Of Booking A Bouncy Castle For Your Upcoming Event? Make Sure To Follow These Tips!

Happiness is when you arrive at a party with your child/grandchild, and people get to see both of you throw off your party shoes, and dive straight onto the huge bouncy castle. Whether you are nine or ninety, everybody loves a good bouncy castle, making them firm favourites for kids’ parties. They come in various shapes and sizes, and are equally popular among kids (and adults who love fun and frolic!). We love them as long as we can bounce off their soft, squishy surfaces.

Bouncy castles aren’t just a kid thing, and even adults can have fun with them. This is the reason bouncy castles are becoming a thing for adult parties too. These bouncy castles are different from the kids’ ones, as these are made up of sturdier materials. So, get on a bouncy castle and bounce, bounce, bounce to your heart’s content! Imagine a swimming pool made of entirely of air, in place of water. These bouncy castles are made exactly like that, and can be the lifeline of your party. So, if you have a birthday party coming up in the family, you could definitely hire a big, fun bouncy castle in Auckland, Bouncing Kiwi’s Castle Hire is known to provide exceptionally clean bouncy castles at the lowest possible prices. They make sure to make your party a success, without sacrificing the safety, value or the service.

Tips to follow when hiring a bouncy castle

Bouncy castles take no time to become the life of a party, and soon you will have kids (and certain adults) jumping in and out of it. You no longer have to worry about keeping the kids entertained and out of trouble. And along with being such a lot of fun, these are also great exercising tools for children. These come in various shapes, sizes, weight limitations etc. So, consider the following factors before you finally decide which bouncy castle to rent:

  • Size: The size of the castle is an important aspect to consider when it comes to renting one. Though your kid will probably try to convince you for hiring the biggest castle ever, you need to think smart. People who have large outdoor spaces can afford to hire larger units. But, in case you are having an indoor party, you should choose smaller units.
  • Space: Yes, the next most important thing to consider is the amount of space available. The venue needs to have easy access, high ceilings, and space for the castle if you are doing it indoors. If you are having the castle out in the garden, make sure that you have access to power. Ensure that the space where you plan to set up the castle on is flat and has grass.
  • Quality: As a bouncy castle is a significant investment, you need to make sure that the castle you hire is of good quality. You need to check the standard of the materials and ensure that it isn’t light enough to tear. So, don’t compromise on the quality of the castle in order to save some money.
  • Age/weight restrictions: Bouncy castles have certain age/weight limitations, and it’s essential to keep that in mind while renting one. The bounce houses are generally categorized into classes, considering the age/weight of the people who are going to be jumping on it. The smaller castles are designed for kids having the age from 3-5 years. The modern weight limit is set at a general amount of around 100 pounds. So, make sure to rent the castle of the correct capacity to ensure the safety of the kids.
  • Recommendations: And finally, if you are thinking of hiring a bouncy castle, ask around friends to see if they know a reliable company. Go on Facebook or ask any local parent group for recommendations. Or Google the companies in your area. Have a detailed chat with them and then take your pick.

So, these are the main things that you should keep in mind before hiring a bouncy castle for your child birthday party or any other event. Along with these, make sure to consider the likes and preferences of the kids, and voila, your party will be a huge hit!

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