Working Together! {Bob The Builder: Teamwork Time now on DVD}

In the newest Bob the Builder DVD release: Teamwork Time!

Synopsis: Dizzy wants to prove she’s a whiz at being helpful but learns that being thoughtful is what really gets the job done! Spud goes missing before a big performance. Can Dizzy save the day so the show can go on? Roley is determined to do a weather rap and soon learns that safety comes first! When Scrambler fails to build a tree house on his own, he finds it takes a team to get a project off the ground. Scratch learns that some problems are best shared and comes up with a solution by getting everyone to work together. Hold on to your hard hats and see why the best plans start with teamwork!

Episodes include:

·         “Whizzy Dizzy”
·         “Stage Struck Dizzy”
·         “Roley’s Weather Rap”
·         “Scrambler’s Best Idea”
·         “Bob and the Trampoline”


·         “Down on the Farm” Music Video
·         “I’m a Tractor” Music Video

·         “Picking up the Pieces” Music Video

Now available at your local retailer!

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