Why now is the best time to sell your house?

Spring and summer are often considered the best seasons to  Sell my house in Brampton, and buyers are eager to buy. What about the other seasons? They get a bad rap.

While seasonality is true in the real estate market, it doesn’t mean listing your home for sale at any other time is bad. This belief seems to have been instilled into many of us, causing many home sellers not to believe it.

Myth #1: Spring is the best time to sell

Let’s start with this. Homeowners often believe spring is the best time to sell their homes. Spring is a great time to sell your home. You will get top dollar, and your home will sell quickly. Everything will run smoothly. This outlook has a problem. Just because your home is listed in spring doesn’t necessarily mean it will sell quickly. Many factors can influence how successful you are at home selling. A good REALTOR will help you navigate the market, and achieve your goals.

The Truth: Selling your home at the best time of year is not based on a specific season. It’s a combination of many factors. These factors will help you decide the right time for your home to be listed.

Myth #2: Fall is the best time to buy a home

Sellers believe buyers stop looking for homes once summer is over. But this could not be further from reality, especially in Texas. Although families with children in school may delay buying until the end, they only represent a small fraction of the market. You may still find buyers in the summer who are looking for houses, and new listings will slow down.

The Truth: Smart buyers are always searching for homes. The Texas economy is not slowing down. It’s actually growing at an unprecedented rate, bringing more jobs to the region and more people searching for housing.

Myth #3: Selling your home for less money is a myth

Sellers are reluctant to list their home in fall because they fear they will be forced to accept lower prices. In reality, the opposite is true. This fear is based on the belief that fewer buyers are searching for homes, a myth we have already busted. However, savvy sellers understand that they can leverage this information to their advantage.

The Truth: Many sellers believe these myths are true. This means that fewer homes are listed during fall and winter, which leads to less supply. Because there are fewer homes to choose from, less supply equals less competition. If there is less supply and the demand for housing is strong, as we have seen it forecast to be, then those who do list have an advantage. Higher prices are the result of increased demand and decreased supply.

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