Pros and Cons of Shipping Container Homes

The average price for new homes is $385,000. Many people are looking for alternative materials like shipping containers to reduce the cost of building new homes.

These containers are so common that even hotels in Round Top are made entirely of shipping containers. These prefabricated boxes could be the best solution for creating your dream home.

There are pros and cons to consider before you build a shipping container home in Houston. Continue reading to make an informed decision.

Pro: Speedy Construction

Shipping containers are much more efficient than traditional methods of construction. Offsite fabrication can be used to complete smaller homes in three weeks. Larger homes can usually be completed within a few months.

Before the containers reach their destination, many details can be made at the production location.

DIYers will also find shipping containers much more convenient. It is a smart idea to consult an engineer or a design company before you begin building your container home.

Pros: Effectiveness in Cost

Shipping containers are a cost-effective way to save money on shipping. One man used two containers to build a rustic cabin completely off the grid. It cost $35,000.

A container can cost anywhere between $1,400 and $4,500, depending on its quality and location. Although you may find one cheaper, you should ensure it is possible to build with it.

Con: Not quite Eco-Friendly

It is generally believed that old, refurbished shipping containers are good for the environment. These containers are often unsafe for new construction because they have been damaged and worn.

You must ensure that the structural integrity is maintained if you decide to use refurbished construction.

Shipping containers allow you to build any kind of building you want.

Harmful Chemicals

Shipping containers that were used may have contained toxic chemicals or other materials. They were also treated to prevent corrosion in transit.

Containers are made from steel and spend the majority of their time on or near the ocean. The combination of saltwater and metal can lead to corrosion and rust.

Inspect your refurbished container for any signs of rust. Also, make sure to inspect for rust because it can compromise the structural integrity.

The Eco-Friendly Part

The most important impact that you can make when you use a refurbished container is the one made of steel. An average 40-foot container contains more than 8,000 pounds steel.

This will also reduce your use of traditional building materials like wood and masonry.


No matter what reason it may be, you might not want your home to remain in its original spot forever. Traditional construction doesn’t allow you to move your building.

You can have your complete building moved to a container as many times you need.

Pro: Creative Freedom

You can choose from a range of sizes so you can create the home you want. To create more space, you can combine multiple containers.

To let in lots of natural light and open up the space, you can make large windows. You can also install large glass doors to let the outside in.

Shipping containers allow you to express yourself. You are free to make your own rules and break the mold of architecture and traditional construction.

High cube containers are best, as they can be up to 9’6′ tall. This will allow you to easily add insulation while still having enough space for a ceiling fan.

You could also use a standard height container, which are 8’6′ tall if you don’t mind.

Cons: Codes and permits

Many municipalities are still relatively new to container homes. Many building codes and permits are not compatible with container homes.

Make sure you do your research so that you can legally build a container house. Next, you must ensure that your home is compliant with all current construction and zoning regulations.

The Building Code Enforcement Office is the best place to begin in Houston. You could find yourself in a position to have your home taken down if you don’t comply with the planning regulations.

Pro: Durability and toughness

Containers are made with durability in mind. Containers were originally designed to last for many months on an ocean tanker, exposed to the elements.

These homes often exceed the minimum requirements for new homes in terms of strength and durability.

You need to be careful with how much steel is removed in order to preserve this strength. You will need reinforcements if you are going to make large cuts for doors, windows and other room openings. Additional steel beams are available to support the load.

Build Your Shipping Container House

We can help you build your Houston shipping container house. We offer both used and new containers.

We can help you build the container building that suits your needs. You can build a house, an office or any other structure that you require quickly.


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