Professional curtain cleaners will make your home look bright and welcoming by keeping your curtains clean and looking great. Curtains not only enhance the beauty of your home but also keep it warm and inviting by absorbing heat, light, wind, and sound.

Except for a gradual dullening of colours over time, curtains don’t look dirty. This is what will alert you to the amount of contaminant they attract. Curtains collect dirt and dust that attract dust mites. Curtains are made of fabric so contaminants can become embedded in the fabric over time. Sensitivities sufferers can be affected by all these triggers. They may experience runny noses and red eyes, itchy noses, sneezing, red eyelids, and even cough.

Curtains can also absorb odours that come from the rest of your house. Any odours from the kitchen, including cigarette smoke, can end up in curtains. This will give the room a musty, unpleasant feel. You should also consider how often curtains are used. Curtains are used every day by children and pets. In some cases, this can cause discoloration or even staining.

Curtains should be serviced every 3 to 6 months. Although it may seem tempting to do it yourself to save money, curtains can be very large and require professional attention. Even if you have all the equipment, one mistake can ruin even the most expensive drapes. You don’t have the tools or the knowledge to do the job right, no matter which method you use. Professional curtain cleaners will save you time, effort, and possibly disasters like shrinkage or discoloration.

What Does Curtain Cleaning Include?

The best curtain cleaners can handle curtains like:

* Sheer curtains

* Double box pleated curtains

* Curtain linings

* Header curtains with a case

* Box pleated curtains

* Goblet pleat curtains

* Pencil pleat curtains

* Eyelet curtains

Most curtain cleaning companies also take care of window treatments:

* Cornices

* Cascades

* Swags

* Scarves

* Lambrequins

* Austrian and Roman shades

* Balloons

* Tie-backs

* Festoons

* Sheers

* Top treatments

* Valances

What Does A Typical Curtain Cleaning Visit Include?

Professional curtain cleaning on-site would usually include furniture care. On-site service usually includes reinstallation, basic repairs, and hook replacement.

This is how a typical visit might look.

* Pre-inspection: Curtains are checked for colour fastness and dye bleed before being cleaned.

* Curtain vacuuming: To remove dirt and dust from the curtains, they are vacuumed.

* Pre-spotting: Curtain cleaning specialists spot and stain removal products are applied to visible stains (adhesive residue, crayons, vomit beer, candle wax chocolate, paint, rust ).

* Cleaning: Curtains are cleaned according to the instructions.

* Drying: Curtains are dried in the appropriate style for the fabric.

* Reinstallation: The curtains can be hung again.

Other services include deodorization, curtain sanitization and flame proofing.

How Do I Choose A Curtain Cleaning Service Professional That Is Suitable?

Refers, Please

Professionals who provide curtain cleaning services are known for having satisfied customers. Ask your family and friends if they know of any good curtain-cleaning service providers. These companies are usually customer-oriented, highly skilled in curtain care, and able to assist with difficult cleaning situations. They also offer prompt service.

Ask for references from the companies you have shortlisted. Look them up on review websites to see testimonials, ratings, and reviews.

Do They Offer A Range Of Services?

Professional curtain cleaners will provide a variety of services, each one specialized in a specific area. There are many parts to curtains, so you want to make sure that every component is addressed properly. They can even treat stubborn stains. What about cornices or festoons?

What Product Are They Using?

Curtains are often exposed to the sun and hang in your home every day. Even if they are not touched, chemicals used to treat curtains can leach into the atmosphere. It is important to ensure that you and your family are safe from any chemicals. Be aware of the products used by the company, especially if you have allergies or sensitivities. Ask about natural and environmentally friendly products. You may be able to use your own products. Professional curtain cleaners will be open to discussing the possibility.

Show Me The Pricing

Curtain cleaning services are not priced in a fixed amount. However, there should be an average price. To help you estimate the cost of your service, the company must clearly state the price for each service they offer. Ask for a quote from the company and compare it to your estimates.

Professional curtain cleaners will charge pick-up and delivery fees.

What Are The Prices I Might Expect?

Dry Cleaning RM16/kg – RM23/kg

Dry cleaning is the best option for delicate textiles such as acrylic yarns. Dry cleaning is fast and safe. Dry cleaning is the most efficient, safest, and fastest method of cleaning. Because it involves large machinery, dry cleaning is performed at the company headquarters.

Steam Cleaning RM2/kg -RM10/kg

The steam cleaning process sprays hot water with cleaning products deep into curtain piles. The water is then removed. Combining the steam and suction, the steam lifts dirt out of the air. It also kills dust mites. It is safe for pets and children and can be done at home. However, it will take longer to dry than dry cleaning.

Full Immersion Wash RM6/kg – RM15/kg

Curtains that have not been damaged by high amounts of water can be immersed in water with suitable detergents. The curtains will then be agitated to get rid of any dirt, dust, or particles. Although this is a gentle and inexpensive method, it is not suitable for all fabrics. It also takes longer to dry.

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