Wearing Baby Never Looked Better

With my second child I have been much better about baby wearing. This is all thinks to Poe Wovens.  With my first child I just couldn’t find the right wrap, sling, or carrier to make it enjoyable for me and my son. Poe Wovens has come to the rescue this time around and I am loving baby wearing as much as son. Poe Wovens is a Made in America company that specializes in baby slings for baby wearing.  Their fabrics are “woven from yarns spun of natural fibers such as cotton, linen, hemp, merino wool, and alpaca hair, untainted by dangerous chemicals.”  The patterns and colors are absolutely beautiful.  These designs are “inspired by the rolling acres of Addison County Vermont, American culture and heritage, land and city-scapes, the city lights of Paris, and the fields of Provence.”

I received the Spangled Poe Woven wrap.  This perfectly patriotic wrap is a wonderful red, white, and blue design.  As a veteran owned company this wrap holds a special place in Poe Woven’s collection and practically scream Made in America.  I love it because my son was born on the 5th of July.  This is the perfect wrap to carry him in.  This wrap is made with TENCEL, a natural fiber of the future.  “It is produced from the eucalyptus trees, grown on farms….But it is not interesting only for its sustainability. Also the peculiar characteristics of the Tencel fiber are attractive, and make it a wonderful choice for children-related use.”  It is super soft and get on my child’s sensitive skin.  It also has “great moisture absorption, 50% greater than cotton.”  This makes it a great fabric to use in the summer time.  It also makes the fabric anti-bacterial!!

I also love that you get two looks in one with this design.  You can either wear the red and white side facing out or the blue and white side facing out.  Plus red, white, and blue will never go out of style!!
The thing that I like about this Poe Woven is the material doesn’t have stretch in it.  This makes it so your child is going to stay in place and isn’t going to slow start hanging lower and lower down your body.  The wrap always stays tight, holding your child in place.  I also like that Poe Wovens offers sizes in their wraps so you make sure to get one that is long enough for your body size and wrapping needs.  This Spangled one is long enough that I can tie it behind my back by myself.

I also love that I can carry my 3 year old  son in this wrap too!  Super easy to do and is WAY more comfortable for both of us than holding him in my arms.  We have had a few times were putting a double stroller in the car or pushing a double stroller in a crowd just isn’t going to work.  If we let my son walk he ends up lost in the crowd, struggling to keep up, or his legs getting tired before we are back to the car.  I like being able to just stick him on my side or back and carry him.  The wrap holds his weight and it doesn’t pull on my neck or shoulders.  It makes things so much easier! I received a size 7/large wrap which is ~204″ long.  This may seem really long but by the time you get it wrapped around and tied up it is just right on me!  The size 6/medium retails for $210.  I know that sounds costly but it is so worth it!  Poe Wovens wraps saves your back, your shoulders, and your arms.  I brought my wrap to Disneyland with me this last time we went.  I tied it on, put baby in, and wore him while we were standing in long lines.  This saved us from doing the whole pass the baby thing because we were all tired of holding him.  This also made my son much happier.  He could even fall asleep comfortably!  Baby wearing helps create a beautiful bond between you and your child.

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