Top 7 Tips To Declutter And Keep Your Office Clean

Nobody likes clutter. It can feel chaotic and stressful. In fact, working in a cluttered and untidy environment can result in lowered productivity. On the other hand, maintaining a clean office only means a healthy environment for your employees and a neat establishment for your clients. Workplace cleanliness isn’t just important for sanitation, it also has a huge impact on the overall productivity of your employees. Here are a few tips for office cleaning in Mississauga that your employees should follow for enhanced productivity.


For a spick and span workplace, it is best to start from your desk. Take some time at the day end and remove everything from the desktop, drawers, and shelves. Now that your desk is empty, wipe down the entire surface and clean off your computer equipment. After the cleaning work is done, straighten out your office documents in a pile and throw away excess papers and food wrappers. While this may seem like a daunting task, but once you know what you have, it’s easy to figure out what all do you really need. 

Consider Rearranging Your Space

If you feel that your office space gets cluttered soon after the cleanup, determine your layout. Keep the items that you use daily on the table for easy access. Things that you don’t use daily can be kept in drawers and shelves so that you can keep your desk clutter-free.

Avoid Food Messes

You might think when work gets busy; it is always best to stay at your desk and have lunch. However, eating at your desk indicates a messy workspace as food crumbs and even liquid can spill into the crevices of your keyboard or on your desktop. And over time, bacteria will begin to accumulate, and stains will only become harder to remove. If eating at your desk is your thing, then make sure you keep your workspace clean and hygienic. Wipe your table every day with a multi-purpose cleaner and dust your desktop at least once a week.

Group Effort at Play

Common areas and break rooms should be cleaned more regularly to avoid germ buildup. Do your bit every day. Sanitize the countertop, avoid leaving dishes in the sink, and throw old takeout from the refrigerator.

Carpet and Tile Cleaning

With so many people working together, office floors can get pretty dirty. Also, maintaining cleanliness becomes even more crucial. Whether you vacuum or mop, keeping your floors clean can make the workplace safe and presentable for visitors and clients. Employ steam cleaning services.

Clean Daily

Once your office is clutter-free; try to maintain it. After your work is finished every day, wipe your desk with a disinfectant wipe and clear the extra papers. Put the files back on the shelves and pens in the holders. By cleaning up every day, you can keep your space organized for longer and stay focused and motivated to come to work.

Do Your Part Daily

Take responsibility for your area. Make sure you take some time out to do your bit on a day-to-day basis. Office cleanliness is a group effort that only becomes easy when everybody participates equally.

Final Thoughts

With these tips in mind, your employees can keep your office clean, decluttered, and productive. It can boost your employees’ morale and improve employee retention. If your employees like your office, they will stick happily by your side. Happy employees will do their best to deliver results, which only means success for your company. Therefore, it is crucial to educate your employees about ways to keep the workplace clean. If things are too busy in your office, hire janitorial services to take care of your office cleanliness. Keep things clean and keep everyone happy.

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