Hacks to a Healthy Home – Smarter Ways to Clean and Sanitize your Home!

It is cleaning day again! And you feel exasperated to see how much work you have to do! How much time and elbow grease you have to invest! You clean your house regularly – then how does your home get so dirty in a short span, you wonder! Remember you cooked up a storm for your guests last weekend – it left your kitchen grimy and sticky! Remember the bubble bath you took after a long day at work and simply left the tub after wiping it dry! Remember the friendly dog who visited you, or your lovely furry family acting to be a goofball – shedding hair all around! And then the kids walking in to the mudroom after an afternoon in the sun leaving footprints on the floor! So, now you know why your home looks and feels unclean even though you cleaned it just a couple of days back!

Any home – standalone, townhouse or apartment, be it of any size – will attract dirt and dust. A regular deep cleaning session is an absolute must for making your home turn hygienic again. When you want a healthy home, you not only have to clean it, but also ensure that it is free of germs and bacteria.  

Go germ free as you clean your homes

If you own a business place or a home, you know the significance of Commercial & Domestic Cleaning in Auckland deep down your bones. But you cannot schedule a deep cleaning with the professionals every day. This is when you need to chip in. An unclean home or office or industrial space only makes living unhealthy for the people around it. To welcome a healthy lifestyle in your home, engage in efficient cleaning.

Floors are where it started — Whether you have hardwood, vinyl, tiles or carpet on your floor – it tends to attract a lot of mirk and grime. The impurities and dirt in the air get settled on floor. While you could use the traditional way of mopping with a bucket, you’re actually slashing and spreading dirt everywhere! Even the germs! It’s better to go for vacuum cleaning with various advanced attachments for floor mopping and cleaning. They can take in the dust directly inside rather than blowing it in the air, leaving behind no residue.

Furnishings are a target as well — Your beds and sofas can be a perfect couch for resting. But do you know they are also the ultimate cozy collection centre for dead skin cells and dust mites? And who could forget the hidden home that bacteria make on the carpets! These may be enough to cause a serious skin infection or allergies. Hiring reliable Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Services like Flash Cleaning can work like magic here. They are pretty up-to-date in their services and also have well-trained staff who adhere to health and safety practices. They even make a point to use top-grade cleaning equipment for better, germ free cleaning.

Home air can be dangerous — Lots of studies have proved how indoor air quality is equally polluted like the outdoor ones! The smoke is given out during cooking, the chemical fumes that arise during the paint jobs, and many other factors can create an unhealthy environment. Don’t we at-least deserve a cleaner fresh air at home?! That can be possible when we upgrade our electronic devices at home. There has been the introduction of numerous air conditioners in the market that purifies the air within the house and throws out the contaminated one, or even purify the same. Apart from these, there are also various air purifiers available at the stores that may help us to breathe in a refreshing environment at our homes! And then there are loads of indoor plants that can take in carbon-dioxide and give out oxygen for a happy and healthy home.

Kitchen and Bathrooms – From scrubbing tiles and grouts to WC, from wiping clean countertops to removing any hair on the floor, from washing the sinks to drying up the space to avoid moulds and mildew – everything adds up to make your home clean. Try advanced gadgets like a good quality chimney in your kitchen and exhaust fan in the bathroom for a fresher feel.

Clean up the cleaning devices and products — The biggest mistake that we do is we introduce certain harmful chemicals at home as we try to clean the dirt and germs lying around. Are you cleaning your cleaning devices well? How can you upgrade to a germ free lifestyle if your devices are filled with germs themselves? Be sure to thoroughly follow the cleaning instructions provided on the manual to clean those vacuum cleaners and automatic mops. Also, make sure the detergents and cleaners you are using are paraben and alcohol free (These are extremely harmful for us all, especially kids and pets). Go green when you choose your cleaning agents to avoid harmful effects of harsh chemicals.  

Other few steps that may sound insignificant can be major game changers in keeping your home clean and free of germs – changing sheets regularly, getting laundry done and folding clothes and putting them away, not leaving spills and dirty dishes to dry up – all these cumulatively can make your home feel fresh and fine!

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