Rmrv Holiday Gift: Bringing The Magic Home {elf Magic #review}

I love this time of year! I love the the family, fun and FOOD! Most importantly, I love the traditions that come with the holidays.  One tradition we started last year is asking Santa to let us have an Elf. My kids loved having Paige the Elf come and visit with us from Thanksgiving until Christmas Eve.  Every morning my kids would start the hunt looking for her and for the trouble she had caused overnight. See, these elves are not only darling, but are magical and mischievous, too. My kids LOVED having Paige here for the holidays. They even wrote her a letter asking her to come for an art contest my girls were participating in in February. April talked about her all year. She was always asking when she was going to come back and if I thought Paige had forgotten her.

That is exactly why I was so excited for the day after Thanksgiving, the day the elf comes. Not only did Paige return for her second trip to our house, she brought a friend, Sawyer (April and Austin are sure they are boy/girl twins like them).  Since we were at the cabin, my kids weren’t expecting the Paige.  But to their surprise, Friday morning they woke to see Paige’s house and a letter from “Santa” sitting on the counter that read “Because you were so good this year, Paige has brought her friend, Sawyer.  I hope they don’t cause too much trouble.  Get your letters to me soon. Love, Santa”  The excitement was out of control!  My kids (and cousins, who weren’t all that sure what was going on) started the hunt for the elves.

They weren’t too hard to find, but kind of hard to get to  The elves had made a ladder out of straws and string and had climbed clear up on top of the mounted sheep head in the cabin.  Sawyer was perched on top and Paige was not far behind on the ladder Since then, I haven’t heard the end of it. It is “Paige this, Sawyer that.”April even took them on a tour of the cabin so they would know where to hide! The excitement and joy on their faces was priceless! Friday the poor elves were hauled everywhere until it was time to sprinkle them with the magic snow flakes, leave out some crackers (because the sound of crackers reminds them of crunching snow) and a small cup of water (which is like melted North Pole snowflakes) and wait for the magic once again.  Day 2 was more mischief. The Christmas tree was wrapped in toilet paper and Paige was stuffed in a toilet paper roll in the tree.

Day 3, two little elves were found in the microwave eating popcorn. On Saturday we went for a horse drawn carriage ride to Santa’s work shop. While we were there, my kids thanked Santa for letting the elves come to our house. My niece only asked Santa for an elf…nothing else!  Sunday morning my kids got a phone call from one of their cousins that had left the cabin early. She was so excited that she had gotten an elf, too!  There is so much pure joy and magic that come with these wonderful friends! “Elf Magic is the timeless Christmas-Elf tradition that has created special memories for countless children and families around the world for decades. When considering Christmas traditions that bring the season to life, it’s natural to conjure up stories of Santa… Well, the Elf Magic Elves have something different in mind!

Through the years, Elf Magic Elves and families have created lasting memories of the Elfcapade adventures together. Children young and old look forward to the annual visits from the adventurous Elves, but it is the bond of friendship that is created with the Elves that the family will remember and treasure forever. Santa allows his Elves to visit so they can encourage an upbeat Christmas, animated through nightly adventures and daily play. Santa wants the Elves to help children create memories, have “good old-fashioned” fun, and reinforce the true meaning of Christmas and family values. A visit from one of Santa’s Elf Magic Elves will bring the wonder, magic, and meaning back into Christmas!” Elf Magic is a must for the holiday season. Even my non believer gets into the magic of the elves!  It brings my family together and brings to joy and happiness to each of us!

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