Worst Spills on Your Carpet That Can Ruin Its Charm and Life!


Carpets form a significant part of your homes! Be it your living room, dining room or bedroom, the vast expanse of carpets on your floor makes your interiors enticing and attractive! No matter which design or colour they are in, just their neat and levelled spread can create a positive impact in your home decor. But, if the same is stained or spoilt, you know that would be really a show spoiler!

A carpet can be spoilt by hundreds of reasons. It may be due to extreme moisture on it, a pet chewing its corners, mould getting formed on it, accidental spills or even extreme unkempt conditions. But the result of all of it is the same — an untidy looking carpet that spoils the decor of your home. Tending to this issue is of primary importance if you want your home to look good and attractive (and be hygienic too)!  

Some types of spills that can ruin your carpet! 

When it comes to spills on your carpet that can cause stains, they need immediate cleaning. If you aren’t acting immediately, these will create an ugly patch on the floor that can only be cleaned by professionals offering carpet cleaning in Harrogate like Citie Carpet Cleaning. They are thorough and perfect in their service and know all the secrets for clean and spot free carpets. Some spills that can be really a headache for you are listed below:

  • Blood — In spite of being extremely cautious, accidents do happen! That’s when you unintentionally spill blood on your carpets. This stain is something that stays as an ugly brown patch on your carpets if isn’t attended to on time. Instant action on the same can prevent the damage though. Just take a good detergent and scrub the blood stains and later wipe it twice with a piece of cloth.
  • Bleach — Bleach is the best for removing stains and dirt from any surface or things. But the same, if spilt on a carpet in its raw form, can discolour your carpets. It’s one of the worst types of spills. Most importantly, because the bleached spot can not be recoloured on a carpet, the damage becomes permanent. Still, if you wipe it instantly, there are chances the colour wouldn’t fade entirely. But, as precautions, always store your bleach in a tiled area.
  • Red wine — Red wines are great as a drink, but if spilt on the carpet, it leaves behind a dark colour. Since red wine has an acidic nature, certain damages shall happen for sure. Better clean it with baking soda and vinegar to remove the tough stain on the spot. And if it is avoided for long, a professional hand would be needed to eradicate its stain from the carpet.
  • Chocolates— Chocolates are yummiest the darkest they are! But, even though it seems unbelievable, a chocolate that drips on your carpet and stays there for a long time, will make you pay for it for days. The dark brown stain of it on the carpet needs proper rubbing with detergent if it doesn’t come out. Professionals are always the best people to deal with such a stubborn stain.
  • Cosmetics — Coloured cosmetics like lipstick and nail polishes, when drips on a carpet, leave a dark stain. This is something that isn’t possible at all to clean through simple procedures at home. An expert attendance is all you require to clean it.
  • Tea and coffee— Tea and coffee, both are labelled as tough stain providers. Be it on clothes or on the carpets, the spots that they leave can create havoc. Even vigorous rubbing cannot remove the stains caused by these. Be sure to check with your professional cleaners the sooner you can after you spot a stain created by these on the carpet.
  • Beer — Beer is one criminal that not only leaves a disgusting stain on the carpet, but there’s this unbearable stench too because of it. Though spontaneous cleaning may help you get rid of the odour, but the stain does need a detailed cleaning by experts.

These are the most tiresome stains which can be a trouble when you go out to clean them. Calling professionals for the job may cost you a little expense, but your carpets become new and stain free instantly! They know how to remove the toughest stains without damaging your carpets. 

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