Tips And Tricks For Saving Money On Your Disneyland Vacation

Since Disneyland is my home away from home (and I LOVE it!) I have learned some tips and tricks for saving money while visiting the parks.

1) Your vacation will be cheaper in the off season. Hotel prices are significantly less expensive in the off peak timed of year. Also booking your airfare early will save you money as the prices tend to rise the closer your trip date gets. See our post for the best times to visit Disneyland.

2) You can get free cups of water at any of the Disneyland restaurants, I have even heard they will fill up your water bottles for you but I don’t know if that is true. Regardless, they will give you unlimited free water! Yes free! So don’t spend money on water bottles. Since everyone will and should be drinking a lot of water this will save you a lot of money. You can also bring your own water bottles, but it may be more of a hassle than a convenience. If you do want to bring your own I suggest bring them in a small cooler filled with ice so they don’t get hot, because no one wants to drink hot water on a hot day.

3) Bring your own food in the parks. They do allow you to do this. Even if it is only snack foods it will save you quite a bit of money. My kids are always wanting snacks and when we are at Disneyland it is no exception. Fruit snacks, cheese and crackers, cookies are all great snacks to keep on hand. While you are standing in lines for rides it is the perfect time to have a snack break. I like to stock up my backpack with snacks before we head over to the park. If you are able to you can bring your meals in a cooler and they have lockers available where you can store the food.

4) Book your vacation package through Get Away Today. I have booked through them for 3 Disneyland vacations now and I have always had a great experience. They always save me money on my trip and they take care of everything. Win win! I can’t recommend them enough!

5) If you purchase a balloon for your child at Disneyland and it pops they will give you a new one free. You just have to return the popped balloon to any balloon vendor and they will replace it without a second thought.

6) Purchase your souvenirs and Disney themed clothing ahead of time. See our post with tips for purchasing souvenirs ahead of time.

7) Set a budget for in park souvenirs. I tell my kids ahead of time that they get to choose one souvenir of their choice while we are at Disneyland. This way they know to only choose what they really want instead of the first thing they see. If you don’t set this boundary ahead of time you may end up buying a lot of things for your kids.

8) If you don’t mind taking a walk you can exit the park and go across the street to eat. There are several restaurants and fast food places close by. You can save a lot eating there instead of in the park, but you will have to decide if the walk is worth it. It is possible to stay within your budget while visiting Disneyland and you don’t have to spend a fortune!

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