Comfort & Joy This Holiday Season

With the holiday season upon us comes so much fun from festivities and food, to gifts and gatherings. With the season comes my favorite thing….spending time with my family. I don’t live near my immediate family so any opportunity that I have to see them I jump on. I am lucky enough though to live near my hubby’s family so I get to spend a lot of the holidays with them. We have so much fun cooking and watching movies. All the little kiddos get to run around and play every holiday together too. Which is so fun to watch. It brings me so much comfort and joy knowing that I am so blessed to have such a large family.

I have times in my life where I tend to forget how truly blessed I really am. So in writing this post I was reminded of how much I need to ‘cherish’ my loved ones. I love being a mommy and wouldn’t change it for the world! Even though I have days when I want to pull my hair out because my toddler is driving me up a wall and my baby won’t stop crying…I know you mommy’s have all experienced this! LOL Right now I am looking at my baby girl and she is so precious and I am so grateful for her health and beauty. I am so grateful for my entire families health and happiness.

Another thing I love about this time of year is charity. There are so many people out there who have little or nothing. So this year my family and I will be taking a bunch of new toys to “Toys for Tots”. I can only imagine the look on a little girl or boys face when they open their presents on Christmas morning thanks to this wonderful program. Even though we cannot give a lot, any little bit helps. I also plan on taking some toys to the women’s homeless shelter for all of the kids there. Anytime I can give, I jump on the opportunity. Again because I am so blessed. Head over to the Softness Worth Sharing website and send a free pack of Kleenex tissue to someone special!

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