Time For Some Holiday Shopping Kohls

Did any of you go out on Black Friday for deals? How about Cyber Monday online deals? I am the type of person that just wants to stay home where it’s warm and comfy and order from my computer. However this year…I braved the crowds on Black Friday. I did! I went to Kohl’s. I said I wasn’t going to go to the stores, however a few days before Thanksgiving my son and husbands Xbox 360 broke. That meant they wanted the Xbox One. With a price tag of nearly $400, I thought no way!

That’s too much money.

Then when we were sitting around looking at the ads after Thanks giving dinner at my in laws, I saw the Kohl’s ad. There was the Xbox One for $329 but that wasn’t all. If I bought it for $329 I would also get $90 in Kohl’s cash. Holy cow. That was a deal worth trying to get. I didn’t want to stand outside in the cold in the line for Kohl’s so I waited until the store opened and went in about a half hour after so. I walked up to the electronics section and asked the associate if he had any Xbox Ones left, pretty certain that he would say no. He said YES!!! I got the last one. I stood in line for around a half hour which wasn’t bad at all and out the door I went with the toy for my boys and my Kohl’s cash! Plus I saved another 15% with a coupon I had in my email. What a sweet deal. I love Kohl’s and when you stack coupons with Kohl’s cash you can really score a sweet deal.

Then Cyber Monday rolled around and I decided to do some online shopping and get my daughter some goodies from the Frozen collection at Kohl’s online. I got her a blanket for Christmas. Each year I give the kids a new blanket and it’s usually their favorite movie or character that they are into at the time. I know she is going to love the blanket and I love the deal I got online. The process was simple. I sat in my comfy computer chair, added the items I wanted to my cart, and then checked out. It couldn’t have been any easier. Done! Now I just have to wait for my Frozen goodies to arrive at my front door. That’s ‘easy peasy lemony squeezy‘ as my son would say!

Make sure you head over and check out all the Frozen fun online at Kohl’s and also in your local store. They have a lot of fun items from blankets and toys, to clothing and bikes. The Frozen fan in your home will love what’s under the Christmas tree this year! Remember the Frozen sing your heart out contest that I told you about? The winner’s have been chosen. Two sweet sisters won. Head over and check out the winner’s. What kind of deals did you score on BF or Cyber Monday? Share them with us. We would love to hear about your scores!

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