For Some BUNNY Special {Holiday Gift Guide 2015}

Finding a present for your little can seem easy but if you are like me, you want something that is more than just another toy to be thrown in the toy box. You want to give your kids something that they will love and cherish for more than just a few weeks.Bunnies By The Bay ,founded in 1986, designs timeless stuffed animals, luxury blankets, baby clothes and books. These products offer “detailed designs and lush materials in timeless products that promise parents and grandparents a cherished heirloom in the years to come.”Bunnies By The Bay sent my boys each a new friend. Beckham received Hammie the pig and Blake received Buddy the dog.

Girl Lying on White Surface Petting Gray Rabbit

Beckham is a stuffed animal lover. His b ed is so full of “friends” I don’t know how he sleeps in there some times. When he met his new friend Hammie for the first time he giggled. He is so cute and whimsical it brought an immediate smile to Beckham’s face. Hammie’s scraggly fur is the perfect piglet pink color. He wear a cute little bandanna and has adorable little stripe hoofs. He is 13″ and super soft!Blake only has one other stuffed animal friend….Beckham has claimed all the others. It is a little too big for him though so when he met Buddy he loved that he was smaller. Blake quickly gave him a love and a kiss. Then he showed me where his nose was. He was so thrilled to have a puppy. (Beckham has a puppy and Blake always tried to cuddle it.) Blake loved on Buddy all day. He dragged him all around the house and cried when Beckham tried to take a turn. To say he loved it wouldn’t be enough.Since these new friends have arrived at our house my boys haven’t been able to get enough of them. They love how soft they are. They love their adorable ears. They love how they are just the right size for their little hands. I love how they aren’t the generic toy from the store that every kid has. I love that they are high quality and made to last. I love that they will be a forever friend for my precious masterpieces. To put it simply, we will love these harelooms for many many years to come.

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