Things to look out for when buying a used car

Taking the decision to purchase a used car is a big one and one that you should not take lightly for various reasons. If you want to avoid purchasing a lemon, then you need to ensure that the car you are purchasing is as good as the sales pitch that you would be met with.  There are a few things that you need to keep in mind when checking out used car companies online.

  • Review the car’s exterior and interior carefully: If you are not that savvy about cars, then you may want to take a mechanic along. Do review the car’s exteriors and interiors and pay close attention to the details. Just keep in mind that second-hand cars are often sold with hidden defects, which is why it makes sense to get the car vetted by a knowledgeable person rather than depend on the salesman’s pitch. Here’ s a free tip, check for signs of car roof lining repair, as that would indicate the true state of the car.
  • Take the car on a test drive: You definitely need to take the used car on a test drive; test it under different environments and see how it performs. You can see how the car responds to sharp curves and turns, see if it holds steady and whether there is any discernable lag time in the way that the car responds to the controls. You should also make a point of testing out the brakes and see how well they perform under these conditions.
  • Test for leaks: Ask your mechanic to take a closer look under the hood; any car that leaks engine or other fluids is not worth purchasing. It is a red flag and one that you should definitely avoid. Apart from car roof lining repair, and checking out the state of the engine, checking the car for leaks assumes importance.
  • Do the research: you may also want to do your research on the dealership and see what other customers had to say about their services to date. If they had offloaded a ‘lemon’ in the past, then this should definitely show up in the reviews. You can even question the dealership about these negative reviews and get their version of the same, after which you can take a decision on whether to purchase the used car or not.
  • Check out the documentation: It is vital that you check out the car’s history and see any issues had been reported in the past. Chances are that the same issues may flare up again in the near future. Simple tip, avoid cars that had reported major issues in the last two to three years.
  • Fair purchase price: Get your mechanic to evaluate the car and its various issues. And then ask him for a recommendation as far as a fair purchase price is concerned. Once he lets you know regarding the same, you can then tell the dealer about your preferred purchase price and ask him to meet the same. But do keep in mind that your pricing must be realistic enough to be acceptable by the dealer.

These are some of the things that you need to look out for when purchasing a second-hand car. And if you are not that knowledgeable about cars and vehicles, you can always take someone who knows along, when you visit the dealership. It is important that you ensure that the car you purchase meets your standards and does not come with any hidden issues.

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