Hot Tips That Will Glam Up Your House

Home design style has changed a lot over the years. Moving away from eye-popping mix of chintz, hunter greens, pastels, and patterns, it’s now a ‘less is more’ style that nods to elegance. That said, we’d love to share a handful of décor tips that will give the right dose of inspiration to inject glitz and glam to your home.

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Cool Colors

You can take the glam and coziness up two notches, just by picking the right shade of paint. Paint can give your home the most dramatic transformation even if wall color is the only thing, you’re changing this year. That said, what are the color trends of 2019? Matchy-matchy, edgy palettes or pastels? Certainly not. 2019 is more about optimistic leafy greens, earthy tones, almost-whites and more.

Few trendy color combos: Bright Berry, Deep Mustard, and Neon Yellow; Aqua, Orange, and Blue, Turquoise, Slate Gray, and Copper; Kelly Green and Bright Red.

Style that neglected nooks

For the record, not all nooks are meant to be neglected.  Every time you enter the living or bedroom, does that tricky corner stare at you – begging to be decorated? But what can be done to make it an inviting spot? How about setting up a mini closet or transforming it into an elegant playhouse for the kids? Or how about adding whimsy and function with wall-mounted storage? Or a monochromatic gallery wall in the corner? Or maybe you should unleash your inner artist!  Or if you need professional guidance, you should search for interior designer Stockport on Google to get a wide variety of options.

Bring in Boho Vibes

At some point or another, you probably would have come across vintage metallics, worn woods, rumpled fabrics, layered textiles or eclectic accessories balancing every nook and cranny of the house. Turns out, there’s a name for it: BOHO-CHIC or BOHEMIAN DECOR.  And, if you love an eclectic but free-flowing décor, boho-chic has a lot to offer.

Tips to remember: Refine the color palette – neutral, the better; use one or two patterns in each room; bring in arabesque lines and geometric shapes on side table lamps, mirrors, and screens; introduce contemporary shapes and styles, and invest in bohemian planters.  

Mix and Match

When it comes to adding glitz and glam to your home, don’t play by the rules. One focus – a relaxing go-to place; many ways – play up the classic with retro, weave together warm and cool palette, burst the floor-furniture monotony or intertwine bigger patterns with smaller prints in similar hues.

Have a collection? Instead of spreading them throughout, group them to add visual interest. Most importantly, find a buddy for the décor items. For instance, let the rustic tone on the side table repeat on your coffee table, tie the darker shades on the throw pillows with the wall art, or let the furniture colors differ but shapes match.

Wall Arts

Limited by square footage? Cast your eyes over the walls. Start decorating the walls. Sure, paintings will look good, but an innovative wall art will look much better on the wall. Pressed botanicals, seasonal hoops, typography wall art, grid wall arts etc. are few options that can add a sense of uniqueness.

Hate wall arts? How about a rustic Barnwood mirror? Or you may try to hang up your hats, go with a funky wall hanging or string lights.

Floating furniture

Have a spacious living room? Say ‘NO’ to L’s and U’s. Go for a furniture island. Hang on peeps with square footage limitation – we didn’t forget you. You may try U-shaped or flanked seating arrangement to amp up the visual interest of the tiny space. And yes, no bulky, boring modular sofas in small living area; elegant armchairs, please – not only do they take less space but add charm and fluidity.

Creative Illumination

Natural or artificial, light ties everything together and creates a warm ambiance. Gorgeous glass chandeliers look amazing in living rooms with high ceiling and minimal wall art. Whereas sleek lanterns and modern pendant lights hung in a group can cheat the eyes. A pair of wall-mounted sconces can also highlight the architectural and decor elegance of your home.

Don’t like the idea of hurting the ceilings and walls? Bring in sleek and stylish floor lamps!

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