How to Make your House look a Decade Younger? Follow these tips!

Thinking of selling your home, but sceptical to hire a home staging expert? Are you still confused about the power of staging to sell? Well, let us make it clear to you that the way you stay in your home versus the way you show your home to sell, are two entirely different things. While your home originally may look cosy and comfortable, buyers are on the lookout to see actual structural details which will help them to picture themselves living there. Home stagers help to show them just that.

A home staging expert thoughtfully edits and rearranges what the owners already have. They help to draw attention the positive features, and prevent the buyers to overlook what a home truly has to offer. They help to downplay the décor that may seem a bit overwhelming, helping the buyers to focus precisely on the main things. Staging a home efficiently has a great visual impact, which is exactly what attracts the buyers, and prompts them to make an offer. So, that’s precisely why you should consider styling a house for sale. Brisbane Makeover Co. helps you in that. They are Brisbane based renovation and property styling experts. So, if you are looking to sell your present house or a real estate, they can increase your property’s value in the best manner.

Ways to make your space visually younger

When it comes to selling, older and out-dated homes tend to stay in the market for a longer time, as the buyers fail to see the potential. You, as an owner, is faced with two options, either you sell your property for a lesser price or give it a complete uplifting makeover. A few easy updates can make the space look much more visually appealing to potential buyers. And while you are at it, you could visit a company that offers furniture clearance in Brisbane. This way, you could source local, national, or even international pieces of furniture that will slash down the years off the appearance of your space.

  • Remove wallpapers: Though wallpapers are making a comeback, they may be frowned upon by a lot of potential buyers. So, it’s quite sensible to get rid of the wallpapers and the borders, especially if they are more than a few years old. Removing them will give way to a modern look.
  • Neutral paint colours: Nothing screams more modern than neutral paint colours. And in order to make it feel fresher, consistent, and spacious, use the same colour all over the house. This will make the entire property look seamless.
  • Replace carpeting: Yes, it’s time to ditch that old carpeted flooring, and go for more modern faux-wood flooring. Wooden floors are quite popular with buyers at the moment, and replacing that old, dated, and worn out carpeted flooring is always desirable.
  • Get rid of heavy drapes: Heavy drapes are quite infamous for making a room look dull, as well as blocking a lot of light. Replacing them with sheer ones will make your space a whole lot brighter and appear bigger.
  • Update lighting: This is one of the most effective ways to give a whole new look to a space. Get your hands on some new and affordable light fixtures, and witness how they make a tremendous impact to any room.
  • Cabinetry and trim: If your cabinets and trims are one of the most out-dated looking elements in the room, a fresh coat of paint is all you need. Having them repainted shall ensure that you breathe a new life into them. This gives an overall contemporary look to the room.
  • New bedding: A pretty new bedspread or a comforter can do wonders to your bedroom. They will give it an immediate uplift, and draw in potential buyers in masses.

So, these were some of the affordable, effective, and easy hacks that you can put to use, when you are getting your house ready to sell. These literally take off years of the appearance of your space, reducing the age of the house to just a number. So, are you ready to give your property that much needed makeover?


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