Summer Niiiiights Sasea Decor Review Giveaway

Did you sing the title like the ending of Summer Nights in Grease?  If not, try it!  Don’t forget the finger 🙂  I love Grease!  When I was little I would put the record player in the screened in porch and dance to all of the songs.  My favorite song was Summer Nights.  I loved acting out everything I saw.  Thank goodness I didn’t understand what the show was really about!  Now, as an adult not only do I still love that song, but I love summer nights.  I love when the sun goes down and it gets a little cool.  I love sitting at a baseball game when the field is lit up with lights.  When I lived in the midwest I loved watching the fireflies.  (We don’t have those in Utah…rip off huh!?)

SaSea Decor loves summer nights too!  SaSea Decor is a wonderful place to find great nautical pieces great for cool summer nights.  They also sell nautical tees and home decor.I received this super cute and SUPER soft long sleeved shirt.  I can’t really call it a sweatshirt because sweatshirts are warmer and bulkier than this shirt.  It is a long sleeve top that is warm but not hot.  It is perfect for cool summer nights.  Just because it is on the lighter side of sweatshirts doesn’t mean it is thin.  The fabric isn’t see through at all!  If you wanted you wouldn’t have to wear anything under it. I am wearing an Eco Royal in extra large.  There is plenty of room everywhere…in the body, arms, and chest.  Perfect to throw over any tee (like I did in this picture) or tank.  Toss on a little white skirt and it could even be dressed up a little bit. This top is available in Ivory, Royal (like mine), Fushia, Grey, or Stars (Red, White, and Blue).  Any of these colors are perfect for summer and the nautical theme keeps it right on trend!  Take this to an outdoor movie, around a campfire, to the beach, or on a cruise.

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