Sharks! {Weboo Shoes Giveaway}

WEBOO is a new, innovative shoe and sandal line aimed at creating three dimensional, fun children’s footwear, specially engineered for healthy foot development. All WEBOO footwear is molded from patented Ultra-durable EXOTUFF into highly detailed and exclusive characters, each with a unique hand-painted finish.Our footwear is toy inspired and designed to catch the eye as well as nurture the foot, with air-cooled ventilation, a secure fit, and superior flexibility to ensure natural foot growth.To put it plainly, we engineered footwear that both a child and parent will love!We received the cutest pair of shoes from Weboo Shoes! They are the Thrasher Weboo Shark Sandals! My little guy was so very excited because they are so fun. We quickly put them on his little feet and he walked around the house in them all day! I love that they are engineered for flexibility and a secure fit. They feature a nice back strap which helps them stay on, and he can also put them on himself. Did I mention how cute they are? So cute! He has worn them all over town and everywhere we go he gets so many compliments and second looks, especially from dads who think the Sharks are really cool. He grins from ear to ear each time he puts them on.

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