Stylish And Functional Baby Goodies

Once you have been a mother long enough you start to discover that there are a lot of products on  the market that fall short of your needs.  For example, one thing I struggled with was finding a crib bedding set for our nursery that didn’t have characters on it.  I wanted something that was stylish but not cheesy.  I looked high and low.  No joke, I went to every store in a 50 mile radius looking for crib bedding.  Finally at the last store I went to I found one bedding that didn’t have characters on it…and unfortunately it was more than I initially wanted to pay.Bella Bundles founder and creator Julie Feldman had the same type of issues.  Bibs were too short and not reversible.  Blankets would always fall off the stroller and onto the ground.  Hooded towels fell open making baby cold.  After some hard work and a lot of creativity Julie started Bella Bundles and fixed all of these problems.

Bella Bundles has been featured on Ellen and CNN!  These products are amazing and should be a must have for every baby.Celebrity Baby Trends sent me two great Bella Bundles products.  First I received the Black Hollywood Bib.  This bib is super functional.  I wish I owned 20 of these!  It is extra long and extra wide.  No more food dropping on the son’s lap while he perfects using utensils.  When my son turns around in his high chair his sleeves will stay clean!  It also has terry cloth at the bottom.  This is nice to wipe off messy faces or even drips on the table’s edge.  I especially like that this is a cute bib without looking cheesy.  It is great for either gender too.  One side is black and cream with geometric shapes.  The other side is black and white checked with the terry cloth bottom. This 14″x18″ bib retails for $14.  Check out how it fit my 2 year old!!  It will cover even more of smaller babies.I also received a cute Baby Cloth in the black damask material.  This are available in the damask like I received and pink and white polka dots.  This is a two-sided cloth.  One side is a high quality cotton and the other side is a super soft velour.  Baby can cuddle up on this soft material while being burped.  Kids wont fit having their messy faces wiped off because they will love this material.  Why every burp cloth doesn’t have velour on one side is beyond me!  The burp cloth is 7″x 14″ and sell in a two pack for $18.

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