Light Up The Night KinderGlo Review & Giveaway

It’s dark. You’re laying in bed trying to fall asleep. Your mind is wandering and then you hear a little noise. Where is it coming from? What could it be?…Oh yeah, you left the dryer going. There must be some loose change in there! What a relief! Nighttime can be creepy, even for adults. It’s no wonder that so many children get scared during the night and are afraid of the dark.Never hot to touch, KinderGlo LED night lights bathe a room in soft light, easing even the most fretful kids into a good night’s sleep and guarding them through the dark. Our small soothing pals are perfect to be built into the daily bedtime routine and provide extra comfort for your children, who can safely keep their little friends in their bed all night.

KinderGlo has been a magical solution for a little four year old in our house that seems to be a bit afraid of the dark! For a while now, Ava would get up after I got her all tucked in and come tell me she was afraid or she saw something in her room. Several times each night I would have to go in her room, turn on her light and show her that only she and her lovely stuffed animals were in there, nothing scary! I found several different night lights I thought about trying, but there was always something that stopped me from getting them. Ava is super curious, and loves holding things. I knew if we got something that plugged into the wall it would draw her to the electric socket, or if it had a long cord…well, you can imagine the worry that might cause. So each night we did our little dance until she would finally fall asleep. Then I discovered KinderGlo, the cordless, LED nightlight that is totally safe to actually go in bed with your child! It is made from non toxic, safety approved material and never gets hot to the touch!

KinderGlo generously sent my Ava a darling elephant nightlight and let me tell you, as soon as it arrived the kids went bananas! Ava {and Hollis, of course} wanted to check it out, hold it and play with it. I got our new elephant friend all charged up and when bedtime came Ava got to take it to bed with her. Not once did she get up to tell me she was scared! The KinderGlo nightlight is bright enough to make her feel secure, without being stimulating, and she loves the softly changing colors! Every night when I go in and check on her before I go to bed, she is snuggled sweetly in her bed with her elephant somewhere nearby! It is so nice that the KinderGlo nightlight is something she can hold and keep close while she is falling asleep and I don’t have to worry about any dangerous cords or plugs. The KinderGlo’s charge usually lasts about three nights {or 8 hours} and then I put it on the charger during the day to get Mr. elephant ready for another nights work! I love that Ava likes playing with her KinderGlo during the day and then she’s always ready to take it to bed with her at night! KinderGlo Night Lights are offered in a variety of animals and shapes that kids will love!

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