Feed Your Baby In Total Comfort With The Dream Feeder

Feeding times with my 6mn old daughter are some of my favorite times with her.  It is so fun to watch her stare up at me with those perfect little eyes! When she was a newborn I would not mind holding her in the cradle position forever, but now she is getting bigger and heavier.  I still love to hold her during feeding but sometimes my arm will fall asleep from the weight of her head. I know that she does not always feel as comfortable when I am feeding her as well.  Baby-BeeHaven sent me the Dream Feeder for review and I was excited to try it! My first thoughts before I actually tried it were that it might be kind of awkward.  Boy, I was soooo wrong! Now I am wondering why I did not know about the Dream Feeder for the last 6 months! My baby and I both absolutely love it!

The Dream Feeder has a Velcro-like arm-band that you wrap around your arm in order to secure it in place.  It can be adjusted slightly to make sure that your baby’s head is where you would like it to be.  I found it to be very comfortable and my baby loved using it as well.  My daughter fell asleep much quicker in the middle of the night after her feeding.  The Dream Feeder allowed her head to be in a natural position and did not add any strain. It also can be used as a arm rest and not just a pillow!The Dream Feeder is great to take on the go.  I never know when my little one is going to get hungry and I am not always in the perfect location to sit down with her comfortably. I just happened to be shopping at the mall and my baby started to fuss because she wanted to eat.  I sat down and pulled my Dream Feeder out of my diaper bag and in less than a minute my baby was eating comfortably.  I even had a couple people as me where they could get one for their little ones! I am so glad that I am able to use the Dream Feeder when I am feeding my baby because it allows me to hold her longer.  I realize that I won’t always have these bonding moments so I am happy that I can enjoy them with her longer.


•Provides maximum comfort for both Mommy and baby.
•Plush cushion protects mom’s arm from the weight of baby’s head.
•High-quality memory foam relieves strain on baby’s head and neck.
•Luxe, minky fabric feels soft against skin.
•Velcro-like arm-band secures pillow in place.
•Product dimensions (WDH): 6.75” x 2.4” x 6.75”

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