Store and shelf in style: Bathroom hacks for creating an organised space

If you are a mess when it comes to your bathroom management, you will thank us for this post later. To begin with, how often do you run back to your room to get your towel after your bath or struggle in getting to your toiletries during a shower? Well, if something of the sorts is happening with you on a daily basis, then you need to work on your storing and shelving. Organised bathrooms speak a lot about your personality and your attention to detail, and since there is no need for a hell lot of construction, here are some easy ideas for your bathroom renovations which you will absolutely adore.

1. Hugging Storage Under The Basin

Well, take a look at your washroom basin, and if it is already not preoccupied with a cabinet, then you are wasting a lot of useful space. If too much hassle is not your cup of tea, then we suggest you invest in a wooden hugging basin storage space. Opt for a curved organiser which is easy to install and helps in clearing up your washroom tremendously. From soaps and hand wash pouches to napkins and even towels, now you have a better place to stash it when not in use.

2. Hang It Well

Do those walls seem idle to you at times? If yes, then let’s add a little charm to them with smart shelves which not only look great but also help in managing your space well. Glass shelves, industrial steel shelves, wooden shelves and even IKEA are some of the options at your disposal from which you can take a pick. Well, our dibs are on the wooden shelves because they are timeless, look minimalistic and go well with all decor varieties.

3. Use Your Toilet Area

Coming to your toilet seat, what do you have in mind for this particular space? No, we are not asking you to start with the kitchen and bathroom renovations in Sydney already. However, a ladder setting will do just fine. In case, it feels a little too much for your taste, switch the idea with separate bathroom shelves to increase the storage space with ease. Plant a few small pots as well to add a green factor to the whole decor.

 4. Shelf In The Shower

A shelf in the shower will help in keeping your shower commodities in place and keep you from finding them when you are already taking a shower. Tiny corner shelves, for that matter, will work excellently. They take up almost unnoticeable space which means they are not disturbing your bathroom symmetry in any way.

5. Open Cabinets Above The Basin

Closed cabinets don’t seem to work well with many homeowners for different reasons, and if you are one such person too then, open cabinets are the right pick for you. Install them above your basin during your bathroom renovations in Sydney and see it clearing up instantly. From medicines and toiletries to makeup essentials, such cabinets can be brilliantly used for easy storage.

6. Diy It

While you can always ask the professionals to do the tiresome work for you, but if you are in the mood for some work and play all by yourself, then we have a few quirky DIY ideas exclusively for you. With a candle holder and two plates, you can make the perfect collection bin for the knick-knacks in the washroom. As for your makeup, a DIY magnet board with a magnetic sheet will help in managing your makeup like a pro.

With these ideas, make the most of your bathroom and start decluttering by simply organising. Once you start working on any of these tips, you’ll have numerous original ideas of your own too. So, don’t forget to share the post with your friends, and have fun while you reinvent your bathroom.

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