Stenciling How To Stencil A Wall

I love to craft. The problem is I usually get too busy with three little ones to find the time to do my projects. I was very excited when Royal Design Studio offered to send me a stencil of my choice to finish my daughter’s bedroom project. So I put it on my calendar and wasn’t going to let anything hinder me from my ‘craft time’.


  • Tape (make sure you use a good painting tape)
  • Accent Paint
  • Stencil
  • Stencil Brush
  • Plate
  • Paper Towels
  • Multi-purpose craft spray adhesive

I decided to head to my local home improvement store and pick up a sample pot. Which was more than enough paint to do my 10 foot by 10 foot wall. I chose Valspar satin in birchwood white. It’s was perfect color to accent my daughter’s light grey walls.A spray adhesive is a must-have item if you are stenciling a wall. Believe me I tried to just tape it up and it was a mess. Then I picked up a can of Elmer’s craft bond multi-purpose spray adhesive at my local retail store. Word to the wise: Use the craft spray adhesive and NOT the kind in the painting supplies. It works MUCH better!

I simply sprayed the back side while laying face down on a towel and let it sit for 4 minutes. This ensures it will not create a permanent bond. then positioned my stencil up on the wall.

Design tip:

Start in the center. This will give you a nice flow of the stencil design. I like my stencils to flow into the corners and not stop dead on. I like the look better when the stencil moves naturally across the room and into the corners.Pour some paint on your plate and then using a stencil brush dip it in. Then press some of the paint off on the plate to make sure you don’t have too much on the brush.I would then dab my stencil brush on my paper towels until I felt that I had the right amount of paint on my brush. You don’t want your brush dripping in paint otherwise it will bleed on the stencil.Simply push the stencil brush into the stencil. I used a medium pressure and it really depended on how much paint I had on my brush. You want to make sure you get all the areas in the stencil so start in one corner and work your way clockwise. That way you won’t miss a section. With my paint color being so light on a light grey wall.  I had to move in a pattern to ensure I didn’t miss any part of the designHere’s my stenciling progressing across the wall.Here’s where the stenciling project gets a bit tricky. The corners. When you get to this row you will find that the stencil doesn’t lay flat. I would then tape it the best I could and stencil a small section at a time letting it roll into the corner/painter’s tape. This gives it the flowing to the next wall look which I love.

My 10 foot wall took me about 3 hours from start to finish (luckily my little one took a long nap that day!!)
Want to know what stencil I used for my daughter’s bedroom? The Acanthus Trellis Wall Stencil (size small) from Royal Design Studio.Here’s how the room turned out. What do you think? It was hard getting a good picture of the wall stenciled due to such bright light in her room.Oh and a BIG shout out to my fabulous friend for helping me finish her “yard sale” find furniture set!!! I just adore her dressers!Stenciling in your future? Don’t be afraid to take on a stenciling project. If you are new to stencils start out with a small item, or wall in your home. That way it’s not overwhelming. When you become a pro you can always take on a larger area.

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