Spark Their Imagination This Summer {Kidscraft Playhouse Giveaway}

Summer is such a fun time for running and playing outside. But, right now it is still rainy and there is not much to do indoors, so I am always looking for fun ways to spark my little guys imagination. He has a lot of cousins he likes to play with so when I was offered the chance to review the KidsCraft Cottage I jum ped on the opportunity. I knew this bunch of kiddos would love the opportunity to color and create a cottage. When it arrived we went to work putting it together (the hubs and I) while the little one was asleep. The next morning he was very excited when he walked out and found a new cottage waiting for him. He quickly opened the door and window and played in it clear until breakfast. We invited his little cousins over and I broke out the crayons. They were all so very excited to get to draw on it. I loved watching their little minds as they busily worked on the cottage. They did this for at least an hour. When they were done, there was still plenty of space left for them to color later. I love that Kids Craft helps kids use their imagination everyday!!!

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