Win Mega Blocks Lil Vehicles Mega Bloks Lil Vehicles Review Giveaway

Blocks, blocks, and more blocks… If you have boys, you have these in your house!! We LOVE Mega Bloks at our house!!  You may even if you have girls too because they also come in fun girlie colors with great girl accessories too!  Mega bloks are those great precursors to Lego’s, the ultimate boy building toy! We have Mega Bloks ”first builders” at our house, and my little guy LOVES stacking, toppling, and building all sorts of structures with them. They are great because they are large, so small hands that don’t have fine control can manage them super easy. And of course they are WAY too big to get stuck in small body parts! Recently we were generously given the opportunity to try some awesome toys that complement Mega Bloks. Mega Bloks Lil Vehicles!  We were given Dylan Dump Truck and Sonny School Bus. These guys are super!! They are vehicles that carry your kids Mega Bloks  or other cool things they want to load!Dylan Dump TruckThe Lil’ Vehicles Dylan Dump Truck by Mega Bloks will make a perfect addition to your child’s truck collection! The colorful paint and huge smile on Dylan’s face is a welcoming and friendly sight to every child looking to make a new Mega Bloks friend. The truck bed can be loaded with the six included blocks or sent out empty on a journey to locate other loadable items. The Lil’ Vehicles Dylan Dump Truck is easily gripped by small hands along the top and sides of the truck bed as they race to make a delivery or drive around the room. Inside the truck cab sits a happy driver who loves to go on every adventure your child dreams up.Dylan Dump truck is awesome! The dump truck bed lifts and empties, and it’s compact, perfect for my little guys small hands. It has a super happy face, which makes it all the more exciting for little ones, and it also includes a driver that goes everywhere. It also includes six blocks and is compatible with all Mega Bloks 1+ products.

The Lil’ Vehicles Sonny School Bus by Mega Bloks will make every child happy as soon as they see its smiling face. The bright yellow bus drives around picking up passengers or creates a new route directed by your child. Sonny’s roof opens, allowing the six included big blocks to be placed inside or attached to the pronged top to create a one-of-a-kind vehicle. Let your child create and imagine a fun-looking school bus they would enjoy riding in to and from their own Mega Bloks school! TheLil’ Vehicles Sonny School Bus comes with a driver cheerfully driving along to school.Sonny School Bus is great!! The bus roof opens so the blocks can be placed inside, and it is also compact for small hands. Sonny also has a happy painted face and a cool school bus driver. It also has six blocks and is compatible with all Mega Bloks 1+ products.These two fun vehicles are a perfect addition to your boys truck collection. They are super durable and can carry so much more than blocks, but they are absolutely perfect for hauling Mega Bloks. I have a confession to make. My little guy is turning 2 in a couple of weeks, so I am saving this for his birthday because I know he is going to LOVE these guys!! He loves pushing his trucks around and putting stuff in them, so I know he is going to love these guys!

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